Hogs Take A Hit On New 85-MPH Texas Toll Road

SEGUIN (October 26, 2012)--Drivers on Texas' new 85-mile-per-hour toll road are having to deal with obstacles that local drivers have faced for years in the form of hogs on the road.

At least two collisions this week on Texas Highway 130 involved drivers whose vehicles hit pigs that were walking on the highway and a third driver’s vehicle hit a deer.

None of the drivers was hurt.

Lockhart police officer John Roescher reported seeing three dead hogs on the side of Texas 130.

The expanded Texas 130 opened this week with a speed limit of 85 miles per hour, the highest in the nation.

Roescher said collisions of animals and vehicles happen often on roads in the area, but no one knows yet if there will be more damage because drivers are going faster.