Texas Carries Out 15th Execution Of The Year

Jamie McCoskey (Texas prison photo)

HUNTSVILLE (November 12, 2013) Convicted Killer Jamie McCoskey, 49, was executed Tuesday evening in Huntsville, almost 22 years to the day after he kidnapped a Houston couple, and then raped the woman and killed her boyfriend.

McCoskey's attorneys didn’t file any last-minute appeals to try to win a stay after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review his case earlier this year.

McCoskey was the 15th prisoner executed this year in Texas.

One more execution is scheduled before the end of the year.

McCoskey was notorious for grabbing a heavy wood chair and throwing it at prosecutors during his trial in the stabbing death of Michael Dwyer, 21.

Despite his courtroom behavior, jurors rejected arguments he was too insane to be sentenced to death.

McCoskey abducted Dwyer and his pregnant 19-year-old fiancée from Dwyer’s apartment on Nov. 13, 1991—22 years ago Wednesday--and forced them to go to an abandoned house in Houston where Dwyer was killed and the woman was raped, prosecutors said.

Testimony showed that the victims had returned to the apartment early in the evening after a shopping trip, but left the keys in the lock while they carried their groceries inside.

McCoskey was standing in the doorway as Dwyer turned to remove the keys.

He unzipped his jacket to reveal a hunting knife in a scabbard in the waist of his pants and told Dwyer he needed a ride.

Dwyer initially refused, saying his car was low on gas, but McCoskey insisted and Dwyer relented, but asked that his fiancée be allowed to stay behind.

McCoskey said she had to come, too.

The three ended up on Interstate 10 and eventually McCoskey told Dwyer to exit and stop in the middle of an empty field where he ordered the woman to handcuff Dwyer’s hands behind his back and to remove her shorts so she couldn’t “jump out of the car and run,” records show.

McCoskey then took the wheel and returned to I-10, trying to force the woman to perform oral sex as he drove, records show.

Eventually he exited the highway and stopped at an empty house.

He forced the woman inside at knifepoint and raped her and then returned her to the car and forced Dwyer into the home.

The woman was able to run across a road and to a nearby home from where she called 911.

McCoskey, meanwhile, fled in the couple’s vehicle.

Officers found Dwyer’s body inside the house.

He had been stabbed about two-dozen times.

They recovered the knife when they found and arrested McCoskey later.