Texas Jury Summons Scam Demands Payments Via PayPal

screenshot of PayPal.com

MIDLAND (July 9, 2014) A jury summons scam has surfaced in West Texas in which a caller demands payment of a $1,000 fine via PayPal and threatens arrest if the fine isn’t paid.

The man is making random calls, telling people they failed to show up for jury duty and must immediately pay online, the Midland County Sheriff’s Office said.

The caller promises a courthouse meeting to provide a receipt, but never shows up.

The callback number he provides is bogus, authorities said.

The sheriff’s office was contacted Tuesday about an elderly woman who fell victim to the scam and says at least one other person was contacted, but did not pay.

Authorities are advising anyone who receives such fake jury duty calls and online payment demands should contact a law enforcement agency.

California-based PayPal said in a statement Wednesday the company is investigating the matter and offering to assist authorities.