Small Cat Causes Big Stir; Gets Stuck In Engine Of Local Man’s Mercedes

The cat was stuck in the engine of a Mercedes in downtown Waco for nearly two hours Thursday. (Photo by Eli Ross)
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WACO (September 30, 2010)--For Richard Hurd of Waco, the first sign of trouble was a "meow."

Hurd says he ran into the Behrens Lofts in downtown Waco to drop something off Thursday afternoon and then returned to his car.

But Hurd says as he turned ignition key of his Mercedes sedan, he heard meowing and it sounded like it was coming under from the hood.

Hurd got out of the car, opened the hood and immediately saw the source of the sound.

He said a cat's head was sticking out from the engine, and the cat was obviously stuck.

Hurd said he brought out some crackers and put a can of tuna under the car in an attempt to lure the cat out.

But the cat wouldn’t or couldn’t budge.

Out of options, Hurd says he called police and the fire department, and he says eventually, animal control officers showed up, too.

After working for two hours, and calling for backup, the two animal control officers were able to maneuver the cat out of the engine.

The cat appeared tired, but relieved to be free.

Animal control officers said they were taking the cat to the Waco Humane Society.

Hurd, meanwhile, he says he thinks the cat should be named “Mercedes.”

The Waco Humane Society says it will take care of Mercedes for a couple of days until an owner shows up to claim her. If no one shows, she may be available for adoption.

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