School Rifle Raffle Raising Money, Garnering Attention

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It's deer hunting season in Lampasas and for a hunter what could be better than a new $1,300 Kimber rifle with a Leupold scope?
It takes one raffle ticket to win the riffle. The money benefits Hanna springs Intermediate School..
The rifle raffle idea came after a Parent Teacher Student Organization meeting at the beginning of the school year.

"We were told that someone had approached one of the children and that one of the teachers chased this person off," said Sharon Fehmel, one of the raffle organizers.

Parents became determined to keep registered sex offenders from coming on campus.
A fence could be built to keep people off school grounds, but there wasn't money in the budget to pay for it. So the organization took charge.

The women said they wanted to do something different than a bake sale to raise money. They wanted to target the people who pass through Lampasas for deer season. They say it's not about guns and children.

"It's a business venture, that's all it is," said Martha Ellison, a raffle organizer. "You go with a target market. The target market out here this time of year is deer hunting."

"If we were in San Antonio we'd be selling Spurs tickets," said Fehmel. "We're selling what we thought would sell to the community and the hunters that were coming through."

Tickets are on sale at five local businesses. They've gotten calls from as far away as New Hampshire and South Dakota from people wanting tickets.
Only a handful of people have criticized the raffle and organizers say those people are mostly from out of state and don't understand the culture of Lampasas.
Many hunters say they like the idea and have been buying tickets at one for a dollar or 25 for $20.
They've already raised more than $4,000 and hope to bring $15,000 in by the December 8 raffle.

To order tickets you can call Lampasas Builders Mart at 1-800-765-6291 or mail money to P.O. Box 648 Kempner, TX 76539.