Fort Hood Soldier Stuck In Rent Dispute

SEGUIN, Texas (AP) - An employee at a Seguin apartment complex
has been charged with theft in a back-rent dispute with a
soon-to-deploy soldier.
Thirty-nine-year-old assistant manager Brenda Austin is free on
ten-thousand dollars bond in the misdemeanor theft case.
The property was seized Monday from the apartment of National
Guard Specialist Four Carlos Hernandez.
He's been on active duty at Fort Hood, for deployment to Iraq in
early January, but returned home this week on leave.
An Army computer glitch -- that's being worked on -- reportedly
has prevented Hernandez from getting all of his military pay.
Hernandez claims management took his computer, stereo and T-V to
The soldier can claim legal protection from such property
seizures, but the apartment's lawyer says Hernandez didn't give the
required notice.