The Romantics Could Force A Version Of Guitar Hero Off The Shelves

The rock band The Romantics could force a version
of the video game "Guitar Hero" to be taken off the shelves
because it sounds too much like them.

The Detroit Free Press reports The Romantics have filed a
federal lawsuit against Activision over the game "Guitar Hero
Encore: Rocks the '80s." It features a soundalike version of their
song "What I Like About You."

The band's attorneys say the band gave permission to Activision
to use the song as a cover version. However, The Romantics say the
company created an imitation so much like the original that it
infringes on their right to their own likeness.

They want unspecified damages and an injunction that could take
the game off store shelves.

Activision didn't return calls for comment.

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