Family Squabble Leads To 2 Goats Shot

A family squabble in Wisconsin hasn't had a very happy ending, at least not for two goats.

Authorities say a man who had been out hunting got upset with
his wife and daughter and took out his frustrations by shooting the
family's pet goats.

Officials say Peter Mischler was mad at his 22-year-old
daughter, Megan, for letting the goats make a mess.

And he got even angrier when his wife refused to bring home some beer because she was already on the way.

The complaint says Mischler threatened to shoot the goats and
fulfilled his promise once his wife got home.

The daughter says one goat died from the gunshots and the other
had to be put down by an officer.

Now, Mischler is facing charges, and his wife and daughter are
mourning the pets. Megan Mischler says they were "more than
goats." She says the family took them swimming and to get ice
cream at Dairy Queen.

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