Standoff Continues After Clinton Workers Taken Hostage

(November 30, 207)—(November 30, 2007)--A man claiming to have a bomb walked into a Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign office Friday and took at least two hostages according to police and witnesses.

He released a woman with an infant immediately and two other women later emerged from the office.

Clinton was out of state when the man walked into the office shortly before 1 p.m. and displayed what he said was a bomb strapped to his chest.

The second and third women came out shortly after 3 p.m. as heavily armed police officers maintained positions outside.

Rochester police held a news conference Friday afternoon but would not confirm how many hostages were still being held.

Capt. Paul Callaghan said at a late afternoon news conference that police were dealing a "hostage situation" and would not confirm if hostages remained inside, though he did say no one has been injured.

He released few details but said the area was "stabilized" and a perimeter had been established.

It's unknown exactly how many, if any, hostages are left in the building.

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