Local City Manager Defends Controversial Facebook Comments

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LORENA (August 15, 2011)-- Lorena City Manager Billy Clemons is drawing criticism from residents who say he posted inappropriate comments on his Facebook page.

News 10 obtained some of those posts including one that reads, "If you think homosexuality is normal, you just might be a Democrat."

Regarding crime coverage in the media, Clemons posted, "The perpetrators are black and all the victims are white. If this were reversed, would the media have any doubt as to whether it was racially motivated?"

"It's not anti-anybody," said Clemons in an interview Monday afternoon.

"It's just talking about my ideology, my politics with the people with whom I'm friends."

Clemons said there's no policy against him posting whatever he wants on his Facebook page.

Lorena resident Thelma Ramsey said Clemons' comments were inappropriate.

"He's being biased about what he likes, what he wants to say, but that doesn't make it right," she said.

Clemons response to such criticisms was, "They'll have to get over it because that's my First Amendment right."