Former Inmates Back Behind Bars After Robbing Banks For Bail Money

(January 6, 2008)--Two former jail inmates are back behind bars Sunday, accused of robbing two banks last month for bail money to get a third inmate out of jail.

The scheme helped them raise at least $10,000 and briefly succeeded.

The third man was released from jail Wednesday after his attorney posted bail, but was arrested Saturday after less than three days of freedom.

Authorities say Kenyon Grady Cox was released Wednesday but removed a monitoring device within minutes of leaving jail.

A warrant was then issued for his arrest.

Fugitive officers spotted Cox leaving a pawnshop Thursday with the two former inmates: 44-year-old Thomas Leon Jochum Junior and 27-year-old Donald Mark Scott.

Jochum and Scott were arrested, but Cox escaped.

He was arrested Saturday in Parker County after a short chase on foot.

After Jochum and Scott were arrested Thursday, one of them told police they had robbed a bank in Saginaw on Dec. 20 and another in Blue Mound on Dec. 22.

Authorities say a pellet gun found in the pawnshop parking lot when they were arrested appears similar to a pellet gun used in the robberies.

Jochum and Scott had hired an attorney to post bail for Cox.

The attorney says he did not realize the money given to him by the two men for bail payments might have been stolen.

Court records show that Cox, Jochum and Scott were all in the Tarrant County Jail in late 2007 facing child sex charges.

All three remain in Parker County Jail Sunday.

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