Selig To Testify Before Congress

(January 14, 2008)—Now, it's the turn of the baseball commissioner and the head of the players union to testify before Congress about steroid use.

It's been three years since Bud Selig and Donald Fehr were scolded for what lawmakers called a "lax" steroids policy.

Before the baseball officials speak to a House panel, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell will testify.

Last month Mitchell released a report on what he found out about alleged steroid use in the game, naming more than 80 players; among those listed, pitcher Roger Clemens, who vehemently denies using any performance enhancers.

Clemens and another pitcher, Andy Pettitte, are to appear February 13th.

Selig and Fehr are expected to be asked what they think of the recommendations in the Mitchell Report. Those recommendations include having baseball bring in an outside anti-doping test agency.

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