13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command Home from Afghanistan

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FORT HOOD (December 9, 2012)--Members of Fort Hood's 13th Expeditionary Sustainment Command came home from their year-long deployment in Afghanistan Sunday morning.

The unit deployed 155 soldiers, most overseas since last December.

While gone on duty, the soldiers helped with support operations.

They also served in all five regional support commands across Afghanistan, conducting logistics training and mentoring for our Afghan partners.

These soldiers were welcomed home by their friends and loved ones who said they were truly missed.

Brittany Malden, an Army wife and mother of a one and two-year-old, was one of them.

Malden said her husband, Capt. Joshua Malden, had missed a lot while he was deployed.

"He missed the oldest taking her first steps, and the birth of our second child, and he missed her crawling, walking, rolling over, eating her first foods, he missed all the major milestones that a parent wants to see," Malden said.

Central Texas families who wished to have loved ones home for the holidays said their wish came true early.

"Last year, he missed our oldest being able to open presents and all that fun excitement, and this year he'll get to be there and watch them both open presents," Malden said.

The troops will have three days to rest and will be back on post for training on Thursday.