Baylor Fraternity Named In Wrongful Death Suit

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WACO (March 19, 2012)--A lawsuit has been filed in Waco against the Sigma Chi Fraternity at Baylor University over the fraternity hosting a party in 2009 that lawyers say led to the death of Megan HeLal.

HeLal, 19, from Combine, was found lifeless on the floor of a fraternity member’s apartment.

HeLal and several other students were bussed to West to attend a party where the law suit alleges liquor was served to students who were under the age of 21.

HeLal was not breathing when paramedics arrived, and was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

According to the lawsuit, her death resulted from excessive consumption of alcohol that the fraternity supplied.

This lawsuit comes after an extensive investigation by the Waco Police Department and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

An autopsy report released at the time said Helal, who was a student athlete, died of cardiac arrhythmia because of myocardial fibrosis of undermined origin.

Helal’s death was of natural causes, the report said and not the result of alcohol.

The investigation also resulted in issuance of warrants for the bar's owner, two bartenders and the fraternity's social chair.

Linda Turley, an attorney at the Turley Law Firm in Dallas, which is representing HeLal’s parents, said "fraternities at colleges and universities across the nation continue to engage in reckless conduct, frequently with alcohol, that results in injuries and deaths of bright young people."

Turley said HeLal’s parents hope this litigation will help provide a forum to further expose these needless deaths and help reduce their occurrence.