Juarez Off Limits To U.S. Troops, Fort Bliss Says

(January 27, 2008)--Fort Bliss officials say that they've temporarily discontinued issuing passes to soldiers who want to travel across the border to Juarez because of increasing violence there.

A spokeswoman for Fort Bliss said the ban on travel to Juarez is only until things settle down.

She says the disruption for military personnel who are now restricted from entering Juarez to visit family or travel may only be temporary.

The decision will be reviewed in two weeks.

She said that Fort Bliss has on occasion temporarily prohibited soldiers from crossing into Juarez.

Juarez already has recorded more than 30 homicides since the beginning of the year.

Earlier this week, a Mexican police commander who was shot several times in an ambush was put under heavy police protection in an El Paso hospital.

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