Insurgents Launch Fresh Attacks Saturday

Another round of attacks in Iraq Saturday left ten Iraqis dead and more than 30 others injured.

The new violence came in the wake of a string of car bombings on Friday that killed 50 people.

Six U.S. soldiers have died in roadside bombings since Thursday in the country.

Two soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division’s Task Force Baghdad died Friday when a patrol was hit by a bomb in western Baghdad. Nine suspects were detained after the bombing.

Four others, all members of Task Force Freedom, were killed when their convoy was attacked in Tal Afar, about 90 miles from the Syrian border. Two other soldiers were injured in the attack.

Multinational Forces are stepping up their efforts in response to the violence.

More than 550 Iraqi and Multinational soldiers carried out raids Saturday in western al-Rashid in which 16 suspected terrorists were detained.

The insurgents are suspected of a range of crimes including assassinations, beheadings, kidnapping and attacks on Iraqi and Multinational forces.

“We use tips from Iraqi citizens and other means to develop intelligence and conduct these types of operations,” said Col. Edward Cardon, 4th Brigade Combat Team commander.

“We will continue working with the ISF to improve overall security. Iraqi Security Forces are growing stronger every day.”

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