Teenager Remanded To State Prison For Remainder Of Murder Sentence

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MERIDIAN (September 10, 2012)—A Clifton teenager was sentenced to serve out the remainder of a 20-year sentence for murder Monday in Bosque County Juvenile Court.

Bosque County-Court-At-Law judge David Christian ordered Khianna Laqua Williams, who turns 19 Tuesday, to be remanded to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to serve out her 20-year sentence for the Sept. 23, 2009 robbery and murder of Arturo Chavez.

The order is the culmination of the judge’s determinant sentence handed down on April 15, 2010.

Williams, Gilbert Ramirez, 14, Jennifer Thompson Dunn, 22; Angelica Nieto, 24 and Pedro Ramirez III, 23, all of Clifton, pleaded guilty to charges stemming from their involvement in Chavez's death.

All were initially charged with capital murder but each pleaded to the lesser charge of murder.

Dunn and Nieto accepted pleas that included a 40-year prison sentence for each; Ramirez was sentenced to 25 years.

The other juvenile, Gilbert Ramirez, was handed a 40-year determinant sentence and he is in custody at a Texas Juvenile Justice facility.

The judge could have released Williams on adult parole at the end of her juvenile sentence but chose not to.

Williams’ attorney said the Monday ruling means Williams could be eligible for parole in about seven-and-a-half years given credit for the time she has served.

She would have to serve half of the original sentence before she could apply for parole.

Chavez, a former Clifton bank employee, was shot in the face and died at Clifton's Dahl Park.

Reports indicate the victim had told one of the suspects that he had $300, and the group decided to rob him of the money.