Arson Suspected In Fire That Destroyed 2 Houses, Leaving 12 Homeless

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WACO (September 25, 2012)—A two-alarm fire that destroyed two houses and damaged a third early Monday morning is being investigated as an arson, officials said Tuesday.

The fire, which left 12 people homeless, also damaged three garages and three vehicles.

Firefighters also responded Monday to two other car fires and two trash fires nearby, but investigators don’t know if those were related to the fire that destroyed the homes.

The fire, which was reported just before 1 a.m. Monday, started in a house at 2325 Homan Ave., which had burned almost to the ground by time firefighters arrived.

The flames spread to the roof and attic of the house next door at 2323 Homan and in a short time that home was also destroyed.

A third house at 2321 Homan suffered significant heat damage to the outside of the structure, but firefighters were able to save that structure.

In all six adults were displaced from the 2325 address and six residents, including both adults and children, were displaced from the 2323 address.

Waco Assistant Fire Chief Shon Cavett said the residents of the 2321 address were able to return to their home after the fire was put out.

Cavett said no one was injured.