Jury Convicts Man Of Assaulting Local Police Officer

BELTON (October 4, 2012)—It took jurors less than an hour Wednesday afternoon to convict a Temple man of assaulting a Temple police officer and Jeffrey Kindred returns to court today while jurors consider his punishment.

Punishment testimony begins at 8:30 a.m. in 416th District Court for Kindred, 40, who prosecutors shot at a Temple police officer with the officer's own weapon.

Kindred was found guilty late Wednesday afternoon of attempting to shoot Temple police Officer Wesley Carr with Carr's own .40-caliber Glock service weapon after Carr tried to apprehend Kindred following a chase.

Carr and another officer were treated for injuries after the incident, as was Kindred.

The incident happened on April 15 after police got a call from a convenience store clerk who reported a man had stolen cigarettes from the store, then left after buying gasoline.

Store clerk Christine Smith told officers when they arrived she had recognized the man and she described the vehicle he left in.

Police later spotted the vehicle headed north in the 2800 block of South MLK Drive and stopped it in the 1600 block of South 24th Street on the railroad overpass.

After identifying the driver, who gave officers a false name, police determined he was named in an arrest warrant charging escape, but when they challenged the man about his identity, he ran, jumping over the guardrail and heading down a steep embankment to a wooded area about 50 yards away.

One officer gave chase while the second stayed with the woman who was a passenger in the vehicle.

The officer caught up with the man in the tree line and what police described Monday as a prolonged struggle ensued as he attempted to handcuff the suspect.

"As the struggle continued, the suspect began to actively assault the officer and was able to remove the officer's issued duty weapon from its holster and bring it up toward the officer's head," police said in a statement released at the time.

The officer pushed the gun away just as the man pulled the trigger and the shot went into the ground.

A second shot was fired as the two continued to struggle, and it also missed the officer.

Meanwhile the second officer, who heard the struggle and the shots, ran to assist.

He and other officers who arrived to help were able to disarm the suspect who was subdued and handcuffed.

Kindred was taken by ambulance to Scott & White Hospital where he was treated for minor injuries to the face and upper body.

After treatment, he was taken to the Bell County Jail.

The first officer was bitten in the arm and suffered a broken finger in the struggle with the suspect and he and the second officer also suffered scratches and abrasions from thorns.

They were also treated at Scott & White.