Residents Have Strong Opinions On Sheehan Protest

If the e-mails News Ten has received from area residents are any indication, there are plenty of people in Central Texas who would like the anti-war protesters gathered near the President’s ranch to pack up and go home.

But there have been some expressions of support, as well.

Here’s a current sampling of the latest e-mails received about the protest. They appear in the order they were received (earlier e-mails appear below)

MOST RECENT E-MAILS: (Through Monday 08/29/05)

am very disappointed in News Channel 10 and the Waco Tribune-Herald for their Liberal driven coverage of the events in Crawford on Saturday. I was at the Pro-Bush/Pro-Troops/Anti-Sheehan rally. I and every other freedom loving American that was there could not have been prouder to be supporting our troops and our president that day and every day. Your coverage was very biased and discriminating. You only covered what you thought was the bad of the "Pro-Bush" side. You did not cover all of the good that was happening. Did you happen to speak the man whose sign read, "Proud WWII POW...I know the price of freedom?" No you did not! Did you speak with the "Proud Iraqi Vet" sitting behind me? No! I encountered CNN reporters, a CBS reporter, News Channel 6, Fox News, and others...however, I did not see much of you guys. Then again, you must know by now that KWTX is the most insulting and despised news channel in central Texas. I guess you guys were just too scared to show your faces. Instead, you showed coverage of all the "Nut cases" in Sheehan's little group. So what? Do you think any of us care that Al Sharpton and Martin Sheen were at her rally? We don't. You know why? Because we had something better at our rally.... we had TRUE AMERICAN HEROES AND THEIR FAMILIES. We had the best of the best. Cindy Sheehan and every other TRAITOR like her need to remember that if it were not for the sacrifices our soldiers have made, they would not be able to do what they are doing. The Austin firefighter whose twin brother was killed in Iraq a few months ago said it best; he said "If we don't fight them there, we will be fighting them here." (Thank you to the Austin FD for providing the BBQ on Saturday.) Where would you rather fight them? If we don't fight back and defend our nation...we won't have a nation to defend.
Ashley Luster

I have never met Cindy Sheehan personally however, I did have the pleasure of going up to Crawford and visiting with the other people at the protest site. (Camp Casey one...I have not yet been to the new site). Based on that experience, it is my opinion that if more people were witnessing first hand what this lady has inspired in the way of unity and out reach, they might not be so quick to judge. Granted Cindy may have spoken out of turn, in the minds of some but as humans, don't we all possess the empathy to understand she is a grieving mom? And although everyone may not agree with all her actions and statements, as an American, she has every right to make them. Beyond that, to say she is a tool of the left is laughable. Look at that woman Mr. Bush has recently dug up, the one with four deployed sons claiming that she would be proud to lose any of them. Can you imagine wanting your children to die? I know the right wing will say she didn't say that and arguably she didn't, which is exactly my point. And yet, with enough spin, one could easily make such an argument. I think this is exactly what goes on in the case of Ms. Sheehan. Remember, this is no political pundit. She is not being backed by any political party, but merely supported by grass roots organizations. The same cannot be said for the counter protest. On Friday it was released that they were being funded by a Republican Party organization out of California. Now who is being used? It is one thing to disagree with Ms. Sheehan's opinions. It is quite another to smear her no matter what her political designs. She gave the ultimate sacrifice, her child.
Stacey Szymanski, Active Duty Spouse
Ft. Hood

My comments are regarding Cindy Sheehan and her fellow war protesters. While I sympathize with Ms. Sheehan, I believe she is doing a great disservice to our soldiers by continuing to protest against this war. As a former soldier, I as well as my sons and all other soldiers, were briefed on the possibilities of war and required to sign a very extensive contract outlining our obligations as a soldier. We also swore the Oath of Enlistment as follows:
I can't help but wonder which part of that Oath Ms. Sheehan thinks her son didn't agree with. If he did not believe in our Military and the leaders of our country to do what they thought best, he should not have signed that contract and she should have advised him against it. It seems her grief and political beliefs have come to overshadow the wonderful things her son undoubtedly did for the people/children of Iraq while in service to this country. She should go home and honor her amazing son's memory and take care of her ill mother while she still has her.
I have an ex-husband in Iraq and would be devastated if anything were to happen to him but at the same time I would be at peace knowing that he strongly believes in what he is doing for all the innocent people of Iraq who have lived under a Dictatorship for so long. If we were those people, would we not want the greatest country in the world to come to our aid? I believe that the saturation coverage this war protest has generated has resulted in little more than an annoyance to those of us who would prefer to hear about real news. I'm sorry that Ms. Sheehan has become so bitter about her son's death that she is willing to follow our President back to Washington, D.C. to further her own political agenda. I am proud to say that we live in a Free Country and it is her Constitutional right to protest, whether or not she is right or wrong. I wonder at what time Ms. Sheehan decided to become a war protester. Was it right after the war started? Was it before her son shipped out to Iraq? Was it before her son was killed in Iraq? No, it was only after she lost her son and now her grief over that loss has festered under the hot Texas sun and pushed her to blame the only person she can think of to blame. Her protest has become a personal vendetta against the President who has already spoken with her and with whom she will never accept whatever answers he might give her. It is my own personal opinion that Ms. Sheehan would benefit from grief counseling to allow her to get on with her life and to honor her fallen son in a more respectful way. We can only imagine what a stressful job President Bush has on a daily basis trying to do what he believes is the best thing for all Americans in this country. Does anyone truly believe that any President of the United States would not have the best interest of the country in mind? This war protest will only result in possibly distracting him from the very important job of protecting and running this country. He can't possibly satisfy everyone but I believe he is doing the best he can. I feel sorry for Ms. Sheehan and her loss, as I believe it has clouded her judgment. Her protests will not bring back her son. War is just that, War. We enjoy the freedoms we have because this country is willing to stand together, undivided, for what we believe to be the right things to do. I believe Ms. Sheehan is causing a division and thereby a weakness that terrorists will undoubtedly target and attempt to infiltrate.
Thank you for allowing me to exercise my Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.
Susan Duvall, a Proud American


My husband has been in the military for 8 years now and is about to head out from Ft. Hood on his second tour to Iraq in December. When he went the first time I informed myself and learned all I could to see why my husband was going to war. It did not make sense and it still doesn't. I support our troops 100%, and even with being a military wife I do not support our President nor care for his actions. There are those that justify that he has done great for the military with more pay and getting them the equipment they need. Of course he has!! All of this happened post 9/11. To have your men support you and your decision for war you have to have incentives especially when you have to stretch your justifications for going to war. WWII was easy to justify. No one questioned why we went, Atlantic and Pacific. Of course, on the Pacific front, we went after the actual attackers. A reason for war should not have to be justified. The reason should justify itself. The American people should not be looking for reasons to justify all the reasons. If something were to happen to my husband on his second tour, I would honor his memory and know he died doing what he loved and fighting for a country he loves. But I would blame Bush for his death for using my husband's selfless service for an unjust war. I feel he is using our men as puppets. Although I feel this way very strongly, I would never dishonor his memory like I feel Ms. Sheehan is doing to her son's memory. I know if I pulled a stunt like this my husband would find a way to haunt me! If she is against Bush she should do something more productive, and not with such a charade. Go volunteer for the Democratic Party and help get these conservative bigots out of office but don't dishonor your son's memory and death by creating a media circus around yourself.
Christine Van Meter

I protest Cindy Sheehan -- Her son knew when he signed up that there was a chance he might not make it home. I'm sorry for her loss, but AFTER ALL her son made HIS CHOICE to fight for HER RIGHT to freedom. She should be proud of him and honor him by supporting Our Commander in Chief. After all he did not start this whole thing -- the terrorist did when they attacked our country on 9-11. President Bush is just defending our Country. GO HOME
P. Johnston

I cannot believe how selfish this woman is being. Using the fact that her son, a patriotic American, died for his country so that she can raise a stink by squealing "Poor me, Poor me". I believe she is using this to ease the guilt pains she is feeling. If she had been a better parent she would have brought her son up better to be the bleeding heart whine bag she is!!
Jon Blalock

I was in Crawford today (Saturday) at the rally in support of President Bush and the troops. To say I was disappointed at your 6:00 newscast is an understatement. All you seem interested in reporting are the so-called clashes between the two sides, and Cindy Sheehan's ridiculous group. I didn't see any "clashes" at the rally I attended. What I did see was speaker after speaker - parents, brothers, and family of soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice. These family members spoke proudly of the pride and loyalty their soldiers had for this country, and how strongly they believe in this President and the mission to wipe out terrorism. It’s amazing to me how the pathetic rantings of Cindy Sheehan take precedence over the courageous testimonials from family members of heroes who are proud to pay tribute to their sacrifice. This was a very well organized rally attended by thousands. Not just the hundred you said were at Wal-Mart. You really missed the boat on this one. But, it's not really surprising. I guess you are only as good as your network, which is a joke. Oh well, back to FNC for real coverage.
Barbara White

We live in a country that allows us to express our opinions without fear. Cindy Sheehan has been doing this repeatedly and now I am expressing mine. It is my opinion the national networks and local TV stations have given far too much coverage to her and very little to those who do not agree with her. I believe she is dishonoring the memory of the son she says she loves so much by using his name to further her own agenda and is dishonoring the memories of all military people who have died in all wars supporting the United States. Please do not put her face in everyone's homes on every newscast. I want to say I stand behind my country, my president and all the military people. Sincerely,
J.C. Hensley

I live on the outskirts of Crawford and graduated from Crawford High School class of 94. I blame a lot of this unnecessary crap on the media. Unless you were from this small town or had family here, you would have no idea where President Bush's Ranch was located. Even folks from nearby towns would have no idea how to find "The Western White House" if you were not from here. Don't get me wrong, they could find Crawford but get real lost on that very long and windy road the media calls Prairie Chapel. Until now half of us didn’t even know it had a formal name. We called it Bluff Creek Rd. So for all the people that drove miles to our what was once a sleepy little town, I hope you get lost and end up in Gatesville. Although, thanks to the detailed maps on TV for all the world to see, everyone now knows exactly how to get to "The Ranch". On behalf of a Crawford citizen, I would like to thank you for making it so easy for all the idiots to find MY TOWN.
Ramey Griffin
Crawford Tx.

My stepbrother, LCpl. Patrick Ryan Adle, was killed during his second tour in Iraq on June 29, 2004 while serving as a Marine Reservist. This past weekend my mother, grandmother, and three aunts came from Maryland to visit us and our new baby. During the visit they saw the commercial on KWTK from Cindy Sheehan and wanted to see the actual protest. When we got to Crawford we saw the crosses immediately. I had no idea there was a cross for each of the first 1,000 soldiers killed in Iraq. Patrick's name was on one cross and I was taken aback to see this. I called my stepfather in Maryland and discussed with him that I felt I should remove Patrick's name but didn't want to do so without his permission. Patrick spoke of the positives that the US was making for the people of Iraq and he believed in his mission. I didn't feel he would want his name associated with this protest. My stepfather agreed and my husband took his name from the cross. We did not take the cross because we felt the cross was Sheehan's property but Patrick's name belongs to us. Our family does not agree with the use of Patrick's name by Cindy Sheehan and other unnamed organizations in a cause that Patrick would not have supported.
Helen Miller
Harker Heights, TX

I think you should advise the residents of Crawford Texas to go to Vacaville, Ca and protest there.
Bill Doherty

I totally disagree with the way Cindy Sheehan is going about her so called "protest". I believe that this craziness is time consuming, unnecessary, and down right not patriotic. I am truly sick and tired of hearing the name Cindy Sheehan and anything to do with this crazy protest. It is true that many citizens has zero respect for President Bush and totally disagree with the reason why we are fighting in Iraq, but it is another thing to protest near the President's ranch. I am truly sorry that Cindy's son was killed in the war, but he is not the only soldier who has lost his or her life in this war. If every family member of a deceased soldier wanted to "talk to Bush", it would seriously be a major problem. What Cindy really should do is go back to California, honor your son's heroism in the war, and take care of her ailing mother.
Denise Simmons

I think that if Cindy Sheehan and the Michael Moore's of America had been around during World War II I would not have a Texas accent but be speaking German or Japanese. We have to remember that the support of the soldiers of "The Greatest Generation", men like my father, a World War II veteran, are the reason that Cindy and Michael can do what they do. Men and women have died so they can have their "free speech" in English, or any other language they wish to speak.
Denise Carver
Waco, TX

What Cindy is doing is aiding the terrorist. She should be arrested as a traitor. Her Son volunteered he wasn't drafted. I have had three sons and a daughter in the military, plus a Grandfather, Father and a husband who gave 27 1/2 years, for our country in good times and bad times, I am so proud of them. Cindy is looking for trouble. Get over it, go back home and be thankful you have a safe place to go to. Enough is enough.
Barbara Naron

I appreciate the fact that Cindy Sheehan has lost her son. She does have the right to protest and express her beliefs. The problem I have with this is the lack of respect she has for the rights of the residents of Crawford. The protest is infringing on their very right to live and commute to work. She needs to give up and go home. Her son no doubt was very proud to be a part of the Armed forces. It was his choice to join and serve his country. There is no draft in place they only take volunteers. Cindy Sheehan and her supporters are saying that it is an unjust and unnecessary war. Our forces are helping to liberate a country from a tyrant just as the French helped us during the Revolutionary War. What if the French had not come to our aide during our time of need? Cindy Sheehan would not even have the rights she has today. I am truly sorry for her loss but to disrespect the decisions made by so many proud American Soldiers who volunteered to protect freedom and a Democratic way of life is a crime.
John G.

It's amazing how easy it is for Americans to be diverted from the real issues. It's not about supporting our troops in Iraq nor whether they should be pulled out before completing their mission. The real issue lies with the President's decision to divert our troops from going after Osama bin Laden to going after Saddam Hussein.
Edward Lindsay
Killeen, TX

I think that this woman is suffering from post partum stress. Yeah she lost a son, but so has almost two thousand mothers. But in my opinion she is dishonoring her son’s memory. Does she not know that her son swore an oath to obey all orders given by Pres. Bush whether his mommy agrees or not. He was over the age of 18 and able to decide for himself, and he did. Cindy go home and get some rest, you need it. Thank you for your time and God bless America.
Daniel Reierson
Cranfills Gap

I'm not sure how I feel about the war in Iraq. I do fully support the Armed Forces of the United States. I served 24 years so that people like Sheehan can voice their opinion. However I resent these wackos coming from California, Massachusetts and Illinois to demonstrate here in Texas. There are more and more weirdoes coming too, Joan Baez last weekend, Al Sharpton this coming weekend. Who's next, Sheehan, Jane Fonda?
Jim Fowler

I can't believe that we have another woman stirring up trouble again! My husband is a Vietnam Veteran and he is not complaining about his country nor the duty and time served as an American to go to the aid of someone in need of help. He is almost 62 years old and he would serve again if called. He has seen other countries and he is thankful to be an American and to live in this country in peace. Peace comes with a sacrifice and a price. He has paid some of the sacrifice. I do have feelings of sorrow of ALL the ones that have fallen and are still serving. Freedom is not to be taken lightly. There are a lot of people in Iraq that yearn for this great Freedom of Life. Our great men and women that are serving with the attitude of helping to give this to these people are to be respected and honored. Our servicemen are not the ones that are picketing and bickering. Not all decisions are to be agreed upon by everyone. But I do wonder that if she had set up camp in her own front lawn that SHE would not be getting this much attention. Prayer is the one thing that heals the broken heart, not hatred. Her son joined knowing the risks. He didn't run and I am very proud of him for serving to help to free others and to help keep freedom alive in this country for me and my family. I and a lot of others have not walked in her shoes, but she has not walked in mine or a lot of others. There is a saying, "The family that prays together stays together". We all need to pray for our country and ALL of our leaders and people. I am thankful we have a President of our country, and that we see other leaders, that goes to God in prayer for guidance for their countries, citizens and all others in the world. A LOT of us have not walked in those shoes of heavy burden.
Madlyon Oppermann

After watching the 8/25/2005, 6:00 p.m. news report, I have a question. What is wrong with the people of America? Your station has reported that the people of Crawford are proposing regulations against things like gathering, standing, parking, etc. on the sides of the road in this usually quiet little town. Why would they do this? Are they forgetting about the right of Americans towards free speech and peaceful protesting? Cindy Sheehan and the people of "Camp Casey" are not hurting or harming anyone, so why would Crawford residents try to keep these protesters from exercising their civil rights? I do not understand this irony. Pro-Bush or Pro-war supporters call liberals "unpatriotic" because they claim that liberals do not support the troops. This is far from the truth, which conservatives refuse to see. Supporting the troops and supporting the war are two totally different things. I think that people who express their opinions about being against the war through peaceful protesting are just as patriotic as the people in the same area who are rallying behind President Bush. These exercises of the freedoms that are troops have worked for can not and should not be stopped. Regarding the proposed regulations from the residents of Crawford, I have only one thing left to say. Protesting our government is one of the great freedoms that Americans enjoy, and people should protest when they are not happy with what is going on. Remember folks, the government is supposed to be scared of the people, not the people afraid of the government.
Rory Kelley

It seems that Cindy Sheehan is mourning the loss of her son, not celebrating his life. He willingly signed up for the Army & Cindy was probably in the stands at his boot camp graduation and by his side before he was deployed. She is focused on the date of his death, not the what the dash between his birth & death represents. Life goes on, she can cry tears of sorrow that he's gone, or tears of joy that he was here.
Laura Kolar

Am I the only person who thinks this whole "Camp Cindy" situation is by far ridiculous? Shouldn't people have a little more respect for our president and his family during their "vacation" which has recently turned to a huge headache for everyone in central Texas? Ms. Sheehan, we all sympathize with you over the loss of your son, but would meeting with the president AGAIN really change or help things that much? I do not speak for everyone but I do speak for several people in Groesbeck when I say you and your supporters have worn out your welcome. Please leave take your followers with you.
Dusty Wright

You provide news coverage for the largest military base in the free world. You give all the attention to a woman who is from another state. Soldiers from Fort Hood will be returning to Iraq before the year is over. You choose to give the attention to someone who is conducting a self-serving protest that I bet even her son would be disappointed about. He joined to serve freely. She falsely accuses the President for killing her son. He was doing his duty that he signed up for. Why not say that every time a policeman is killed in the line of duty that his police chief is responsible. Because everybody knows that it wasn't something that anyone wanted to happen, but it was part of the risk of the job. If she was so concerned about what her son was doing, why didn't she be a bigger influence on his life and put him threw college. Because her goals a nothing more then for her own gain. I have seen it first hand both in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have seen the thanks from the Iraqi people for what we have given them. If she wants to cry that she has been misled, let her go to the streets of Iraq and see it first hand. Anyone who has been there knows the problems aren't from true Iraqi's, but those outsiders who see this as a opportunity to inflict damage to America. Yes there are those in Iraq who aren't happy with the way things are with the U.S. being there, but they also know that the fastest why to see us leave is to get there own government established and not cause trouble. All most Iraqi's want is a chance to take care of their families and live in peace. I know everyone outside this area thinks that woman is news. The majority of your news area would probably like to see you give more time to those providing the freedom then those using that freedom to take attention away from those who deserve it. As units from Fort Hood get ready to return to Iraq before the end of the year, don't you think it would be good for your primary viewing area (who really don't care for her anyway) for you to focus on Soldiers and units getting ready to go over there? The least you could do is give equal time covering those who support it. Let the national news worry about that person from California. Yes she's in the area, but I bet she won't step one foot near Fort Hood. It is sad that the media always chooses to lead the news with negative stories because it's bigger news. I will officially retire after 21 years of service in October because of injuries I received while serving with the 4 ID in Iraq in 2003. I am already separated from my unit on leave until my official separation. I would like to see those I have served with get there the same attention you give that person who does not know the meaning of selfless service.
SFC Michael Loos
US Army Retired

I am a loyal News 10 watcher, watching at 12:00pm and 10:00pm. However, the protest coverage has gotten so nauseating, I can’t sit through a whole 12:00pm broadcast anymore. The debates, the coverage, blah! Julie said on air that the station is receiving phone calls and emails concerning the amount of on air coverage the protest is receiving, yet since that day there has been debates, special guests, and more coverage! An exception is Mr. Qualls, his story needed to be heard. I turn it to another channel immediately when the boring, repetitive nonsense begins. However, I do flip back and forth until Lon and the weather! I’ve never written such an email to a news station; however I just wondered when the audience stopped being the priority. We’ve voiced our opinion, but it continues. A 10-minute debate today? When is the madness going to stop? I’m not anti-war, nor pro-war. But I do believe as an American we must be pro-president, or it all falls apart.
Shawnee Buchhorn

I believe that this woman is wrong for what she is doing .She has no right to use other families loved ones' names on her crosses without there permission. Thanks for keeping me updated,
Kaylynne Johnson
Ft.Hood. TX

I hope that your station will soon interview the 9/11 survivor (54th floor of the 1st tower) who drove from the state of Wasington to Crawford to show his support of President Bush. He has been on the roadside opposite "Camp Casey" since Friday.
I am so tired of hearing about the protestors and all their supporters.......... Let's get some "positive" news !!!!!!!!!! Thanks,
M. Anderson
Morgan's Point Resort

My husband is serving in Afghanistan right now and before that he was in the National Guard. He signed up 33 years ago to serve our country never thinking that he would be deployed, but it happened. In May he was shipped overseas to Afghanistan to serve there for one year. I back him and the President 100%. He made his choice to sign up back then and I was right there with him then and will be with him until he retires whenever that might be. Our children and grandchildren are very proud to say that their dad and grandfather is serving our country to keep our freedom. God forbide something should happen to him, but if it does I am not going to blame anyone, because he was doing what he signed up to so many years ago. Go home Cindy and get a life, it does go on you know, deal with it.
Sue Morrison

I applaud the effots of Cindy Sheehan and all the others that have gathered to protest the war on Iraq.
The facts are clear, Bush lied to the American people about weapons of mass destruction. Bush has continued to bring up those awful attacks on 9/11, though I have yet to see any proof that Saddam Hussein was supporting terrorists. Our soldiers will continue to die for a cause unbeknownst to me. A great thank you should be given too all anti-war protestors!
Steve Anness
Eddy, TX

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest sympathy for Ms. Sheehan and her family. Of course, she has suffered the worst of all tragedies...she lost her child. However, I wonder if her anti-war sentiments would be as great if her son had returned in glorious victory with medals and awards. It is my opinion that she would have the American flag flying proudly on her front porch and his military portrait centered in her front room. She would praise him a hero, which he absolutely deserves. BUT her actions now desecrate his memory and everything he fought for. Her selfish acts for fame are disgraceful and she is using her sons death as her stepping stool. Obviously, she feels that Freedom is only worth the price of someone else's son/daughter/mother/husband. How does she sleep at night? Sincerely,
Bonnie Snipes
Former CTI2 USN
Wife of SGT David M. Snipes USMC
Sister to SSGT Bert Walton USA

I see the Sheehan Circus in Crawford is still being covered by the media on a regular basis. Isn't there any other news out there other than a every day war protest? It seems the media will to keep this on air though it's old and boring news.
Joe Ebarb
Copperas Cove

Just wanted you to know that you have lost a viewer, I will not longer be watching your news. Until you stop being all about Cindy Sheehan.
Zanette O'Dell

What she is doing is a disgrace. She claims to stand up for her son; did she stand up behind him when he took his oath? Did she stand up behind him when he graduated basic training? Did she stand next to him in the gym or field that he deployed from? If she stood by him for all of these things then she supported what he was doing. If she did not then she has no right to open her mouth. And if he joined the Army after 9/11 like most of our soldiers today, then he knew there was a 90% chance he was going to war, and so did she. He did what he felt he needed to do. My husband just came back from Iraq, I know the daily pain of what could happen, but never for one minute was I not proud of him, to this day I would never take his war away from him and turn it into a mockery! My honest opinion is that all of us who support our troops, should be standing right next to Mrs. Sheehan with our signs protesting the protestors!! SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS. The only way we can stop her is to show up and do the same thing she is but against her instead of for her.
Taylor Tx

If the peace activists with Cindy were successful when they first started their movement years ago, I believe we would all be speaking Russian now.
George Ray

Whoa! What is going on here??? The overwhelming consensus against Cindy Sheehan on the KWTX web page does NOT jibe with what I am hearing and seeing. I suddenly hear lots of people who opposed the Iraq War now saying they realize it was a mistake and they are glad Sheehan spoke up. I went out last week to Camp Casey and what I saw was dignified, civilized and well organized with shuttles from town to avoid a parking problem. In the shuttle, the driver asked that we be careful not to walk on the triangle of grass where the three roads meet, since one of the neighbors objected to people on it. While I was there, everyone meticulously respected this ban, except for one counter-demonstrator on a motorcycle, who was asked by the police to get off. The police were quiet, courteous and respectful in their interactions with the peace group. Flowers were pouring in from all over the world; some addressed simply "Cindy beside the road. Crawford, Texas." Admittedly, my poll of people I come in contact with is neither scientific nor representative, but I can't believe the web page correspondence is either. Is there some kind of campaign for a pro-Bush write-in? Of course supporters of the war and of President Bush are tired of reading about opposition, but it is the duty of the media to cover what is happening. Keep up the coverage and keep it honest!
Argye Hillis
Waco, TX

I have been married to a U.S. Army soldier for 3 years. Last year he was deployed to Iraq, he left behind myself (I was pregnant at the time with our son, now 1 year old) and our beautiful daughter. I truly feel for anyone who has lost a loved one in the war. However what Camp Casey is doing is not honoring their lost loved ones, they are disrespecting not only the one they have lost but soldiers other families have lost as well. I can guaranty you that while their sons/ daughters, husbands/ wives, mothers/ fathers, and brothers/ sisters were fighting in the war they were fully supported. The protestors are such hypocrites because they are now protesting what they once supported. While my husband was in Baghdad on the most dangerous street in the city, Hypha, I worried and feared for his life. Of course I didn't want him to be in harms ways, but I fully supported him. To those that say we shouldn't be there and that our soldiers need to pull out, I have this to say to them... If we pull out now there will be a void left because we removed their government, when my husband tells me that things are so much better now since we've been there that the people now have clean running water/ plumbing, schools, and other things that they didn't have before that tells me that it is worth it. He tells me it is worth it and that he is proud of what we've done.
Rachel Gasowski wife of SGT. Gasowski 1st CAV
Ft. Hood, Tx

Where is the poll all you media types are so proud of? I think if you took a poll on who approves and/or dissaproves of Cindy Sheehans' actions and motives you would find you are losing a lot of viewers because of your sympathetic coverage of the publicity seeking, money motivated, phoney Cindy Sheehan.
Virginia Weber
Waco, Texas

I am getting tired of the "so called" fair and balance news you are reporting. Cindy should be cut off from all further "free" publicity you have given her. I am sympathetic to her plight and her loss, but, she has had her two weeks of fame, move on.
Gary Cosper

There are those who worry that Cindy Sheehan is discrediting America. They needn't worry. George W. Bush is doing an excellent job of doing that himself.
Ed Lindsay
Killeen, TX

I was in the Army, I spent twenty-two years PROUDLY severing my country. I am now retired and a Disabled American Veteran. I am appalled, that Ms. Sheehan has become a "puppet on a string" and does not realize it. The thing that disturbs me the most is that she placed her "soap-box" on top of her deceased son's grave. My God, does the woman have no shame? Her son Casey was stationed in the 1st Cavalry Division here at Fort Hood. Why did she not start her quest here where the people knew and worked with Casey? By now everyone associated with the military knows who and what the chain of command and the chain of concern is. Why didn't she use this tool that was afforded her first? My only thought is that she sought her moment of fame in the demise of her son, sad. I will pray for God to forgive her and the people that are using her in the name of a fallen comrade. I salute you Casey!! And all the military people around the world. Continue to serve with PRIDE!!
SFC. Ret. Daniel E. Anglin
Killeen, Texas

First of all, I am a veteran and have been to Iraq twice in support of our troops. I fully support our troops, with that said I don't, support our efforts in Iraq. We went into Iraq headstrong and under false pretenses. Since I went into Iraq with 4th ID, I thought what we were doing was right. I felt we would find evidence of the weapons that the Bush administration said where there. WE DID NOT!!!. We also went into Iraq with a poor idea of what we planned to do, and how we were going to do it. One of the first things we did wrong was disband the military. They just turned into insurgents that we would have to fight another day. Secondly, anyone who reads anything about Islam and the history of it in the Middle East knows that these factions have been fighting for centuries. All we did was insert ourselves in the middle. These people disagree over the most trivial things and yet they are all Islamics, with relatively little differences when you really examine them. Bu they have been fighting for years. They have a very deep attachment as families and clans. Almost like the Hatfield's and McCoy's. Saddam, for all his bad traits, at least had these people under control. Removing him by force was probably one of the worst things we could have done for that region. He helped keep Iran in check, and at one time, as a country, we were helping him do so. You cannot force democracy and free will on people who have never known it, don't understand it and don't appreciate it. This nation, under the guidance of George W. Bush, no matter what you say, has gone into nation building. We need to get out of that business. Afghanistan was done for all the right reasons; Iraq was not.
Having worked with so many soldiers in Iraq, I can tell you that morale can get low, but I don't believe it gets low because people in the states are protesting to bring them home. Honestly, I feel more of the soldiers are happy that their families are protesting to bring them home. Asking that the government bring the soldiers home is not the same as saying that America doesn't support them. Pro-War activist should stop trying to make that illegitimate comparison. I'm sure many Vietnam Vets weren't sad that all the protestors wanted us out of Vietnam in the early 70's. We are now in somewhat of quagmire, no matter what the government says (They have to put a positive spin on everything, that's their JOB). Our only saving grace is that not nearly as many soldiers are being killed in Iraq as Vietnam. However, let the casualties quadruple or more, and see how many people quickly switch to Cindy Sheehan's viewpoint. Cindy Sheehan has a right to protest. More people should. If the polls are any reflection, most American would like us to leave Iraq. Granted, I am not for cutting and running. We have to stay the course to get the job done, but the job never should have been started in the first place. The families who have lost your sons and daughters deserve our respect, but if you were to bring those young adults back, and they could choose to do it over again, do you really think they would have thought that what they died for was worth it and sign up to go to Iraq again? I seriously doubt it. It was a waste of a young, precious life, in many cases. Having been to Iraq twice, I went the first time for the patriotism and the second time for the money. Our freedom here in America was never in immediate danger from Iraq, although it makes a great story for our government to fall back on as a reason for going in. Isn't it interesting that the reasons for going in have all turned to "Freedom for the Poor Iraqi's". Granted, you can make an argument that killing all those militants in the Middle East has helped make us more secure, but no one can say that we haven't created as many militants by being there, as we have killed. The problem is that our government never understood the culture or what we were getting into. I personally think Mr. Bush Jr. just wanted to be like his dad Mr. Bush Sr. and enjoy the success of freeing a conquered country.
As Christian, I question some of his reasoning and analogies. I'm not sure we read the same bible. I don't believe in Islam (although I read plenty about it) but I do believe and understand the fervor in which those that do believe in that religion, follow it. You have to treat them like bees...leave them alone and let them do what they do. If they attack you, then go after them. In the meantime, be vigilant, because you know who they are and what they are capable of.
Chris Bray

Ms. Sheehan wants to give the world the impression that this is her first protest because she is so grieved over the death of her son, but this is not true. She has turned into a "professional protester". If anyone wants to take the time to do a "Google" search on the internet under her name and Casey's name, they will find information on the many protests she has participated in around the country from the West Coast to the East Coast. She is involved with several anti-war groups. This seems to be her new "job" since she blamed Bush for her being unemployed. Read some of the articles and speeches. Nothing but vile words and hatred spews from her mouth including using the "f" word to describe our President. And she was a youth minister in the Catholic Church??? Wow! I would not speak to someone who hates me, neither should Bush. Ms. Sheehan's threat to go to Washington, D.C. if Bush does not meet with her is just an empty threat since she is already going to the anti-war rally scheduled there in September. And as Fox News reported today and showed her speech in April, she supported the female lawyer who aided the terrorists who bombed the trade center the first time. Oh, how many more days is Channel 10 going to run her commercial and at what times? I want to make sure I'm not hearing her "lies" and listening to her whiny voice.
Janice Hernandez

It has always amazed me how people with their own agendas come crawling out of the woodwork when the going gets tough. The cancer that is destroying our country can be found in the ilk of Cindy Sheehan and her Anti-War protesters. These are people who don't have a clue as to what it takes to keep this country free. Her son did, but she desecrated his service and every other Veteran who has died for our freedom. She and her followers would bury their heads in the sand and hope that all the bad would go away. It won't. It never has and it never will. People like her brave son is what makes it go away. Sheehan and her supporters are the type of people who would have cooperated with Hitler, only to be shot in the head by the SS, an inevitable reward in their quest for peace. Cindy Sheehan does not seem to feel any empathy with the families who were murdered on 911 in New York City. Her only grief seems to be for her son. What about their families? What about their rights? I guess those people just didn't matter. It's only her loss that counts. If any cross that is put up without permission of any Veteran's family, that cross should be torn down. I'm glad we have President Bush to lead our country in this conflict. And, as for those people who think he lied about weapons of Mass Destruction, do you really believe that the President of this country could reveal that information without compromising the security of this nation? If the average news reporter won't give up their source, then why should the President? There is just some information we are not privy to, despite these Anti-American's wounded egos. Make no mistake. These people we are fighting want to destroy everyone of us and our way of life. Maybe the cowards camped in Crawford would vote to give it to them, but I thank God we still have Americans who won't.
Richard Parker
Vietnam Veteran

Mrs. Sheehan should be able to grieve in any manner in which she feels will help her to deal with the loss she has suffered.I can't understand the amount or level of resentment aimed at her by my local neighbors in Central Texas and beyond... Wouldn't it be more beneficial to compare what we all have in common rather than to argue over our difference in opinions or beliefs?? That is what all of our troops have died for, and I find it quite hypocritical for anyone, parents of fallen soldiers or not,to attack her opinions or method of going about protesting the war. Same goes for the people that are writing Channel 10 claiming they will stop watching your newscast simply because you air segments or even the commercial concerning Mrs. Sheehan. That at the very core is confusing to me.If they truly support the troops who are fighting for our right to speak and live freely, threatening to boycott your telecast simply because you air viewpoints contrary to theirs, is simply laughable. I applaud Channel 10
For being the only Newscast to have the respect to give both sides an equal platform. Please put this on air, because everyone needs to step back and thank God we live in a country where we are able to express our own views and beliefs, and stop attacking other people who don't share them.... this county, country, or otherwise! Thank you so much
Russell Martin

I was really grateful for the story at noon (on the father of fallen Central Texas soldier Louis Qualls).. My heart broke for the father, I am proud of his son's courage and the fact he gave his all. I will always support the troops. I am not against them. But I really feel like our troops need to get out of Iraq. I do not feel like we should neve have gone over there. I am really ashamed of Cindy Shehan's camp. They are no better than Bush!!!!!!!!!!! They need to show the families respect. They need to go on home and call it over.
Gene and Cindy Hudgins


I think the protesters in Crawford are ridiculous. I sympathize with the lady who lost her son but she is very wrong about President Bush. He is a wonderful Christian man and is trying to protect our country from more terror attacks.
Betty Hodges

I have just watched your broadcast and I am disgusted by the use of the term “pro-war” when you were discussing a rally in Crawford. I think that this term is about as intellectually honest as calling a rally against the war in Iraq a “pro-rape,” “pro-torture,” “pro-tyranny,” or “pro-terror.” I support our efforts in Iraq. My support for the troops and our cause in this matter is beyond reproach… but this in no way makes me or any other like-minded American pro-war. This is just ridiculous. I cannot bring myself to believe that the people at rallies supporting our troops and our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan are actually supporters of war, not this or any other war. I believe that they are supporters of justice, freedom, and peace. It just happens that history has proven that the quickest way to this is war.
Allen Mantanona
Disabled Vet and Proud American

I went to Crawford today as I know you do everyday. I met the people who are there to support our President and wonder if you have taken the time to hear their stories?
I met a man who survived 9/11 in one of the Twin Towers. He was playing "Have You Forgotten" on his boom box. I met a girl from Crawford whose father in Iraq. Since he was sent there, she has been diagnosed with Turret Syndrome and her mother nearly died in a car accident and was in a wheel chair for months. Yet, she was there supporting our president, our troops and the War in Iraq. I met soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq and would gladly return today. I met people from other states who drove here and had no place to sleep but came anyway to support our President and the War in Iraq. These are wonderful people who freely give hugs and tell their stories - without cameras in front of them. They are sickened by Cindy Sheehan's media coverage and only wish to quietly support President Bush and the War. One of the soldiers had been wounded several times but was still there. I wrote this little saying just to expel my feelings: It is the soldier that bravely and voluntarily joins the military always knowing that war could be ahead. It is that same soldier that gives us our freedom by believing in the war he is fighting. It is the soldier who is shamed by those who protest his cause and belittle his Commander in Chief. It is the soldier who is honored to be buried at Arlington Cemetery for he knows he has given the ultimate to protect his Country and help other countries become free. It is that same soldier whose life is dishonored when those he loved cry out that he died for no cause. He believed in the cause. I admired your noon news coverage on Thursday until you also covered Mrs. Sheehan and did so with gusto, again. You people are making it possible for her to continue her vigil.
Cathy Pritchett
Lorena, Texas

As a veteran and an American i can appreciate the freedom of speech and the right of a mother to grieve. But Mrs. Sheehan seems obsessive and unable to get on with her life. Please do not mar the memory of the fallen or those serving.
Kevin Goddard

For the life of me I can't understand how anyone can refer to Ms. Sheehan as a rabble-rouser, when she is only seeking the truth about what noble cause her son died for. It has never been clear to anyone that I know of as to just what cause we are fighting for. Mr. Bush has changed the reason for being there time after time, and she only wants to know which of his stories is true, if any. How can you fault a woman for seeking the truth? The Bush administration only had one person who had ever participated in a war and he tried to advise GW against invading Iraq. He wound up being replaced by a parrot who repeats what GW says His own father tried to warn him that this was a bad idea to no avail. Furthermore, if this is such a great cause, why is it that you don't see any Bush children or Cheney children over there? Yes they will take women as well as men. I am a veteran of WW2 and love my country. I support the troops over there. I even have a grandson over there in this ill concieved quagmire. Let’s cut our losses and come home. These people have been fighting for two thousand years and they will continue if we ever do get out.
Bill Woodland- Crawford, Texas
4852 Baylor Camp Road
Crawford, Texas 76638
(254) 848-2678

I'm sure all the people at Camp Casey have the courage of their convictions - but how far do they really think they are getting camping out on the side of the road? Other than getting their faces in the news - Hugs and Crying out in the middle of the country roads seem a little "put on" as my grandmother used to say. They are actually riling up a lot of country folk who LIVE on Prairie Chapel Road. Look, all you extra people sitting, driving, sightseeing, etc. out there - people have homes, they live on that road - which now they can't get thru to their homes because it's dangerous. School has started. People accost your kids while they are waiting for the school bus - or the school bus can't get thru. Explaining to teachers you are late because some stranger yelled at you and stood in the road IS a little strange for SHOW and TELL. If anyone thinks an audience with the President - and why does this one woman rate higher than the rest of us citizens? - hey, I'd like an audience with the President but I don't think he will be calling anyways soon. He'd be out of office before all citizens could spend 15 private minutes with him. And even if she got an audience, does she think he can pull a magic string and the war will stop and everyone come home without getting MORE people killed? Can't you see us trying to leave IRAQ without any more fighting and them firing on us? Who in their right mind believes that will happen? Maybe we all need a project that will get our names and faces in the news.
How about some compassion for all the residents on Prairie Chapel Road. The town of Crawford will survive the influx of people, but that little country road has a problem. Let's send all of these people back to their homes where there are no protestors and leave local residents alone. We had no problems with Secret Service and roadblocks when the President was home. We do have a problem with all of you so called "Peace People". Go home and find a better way to end the Iraq war instead of starting a war in our neighborhood countryside.
Billie Preston, Crawford - McGregor, Texas

Cindy Sheehan says the protest out side Pres. Bush Ranch, isn't about her, but the War in Iraq. If that's so, then if you all would back off, giving her so much coverage, it wouldn't be long until her protest would die off. She and the Anti-War Protesters are feeding off the News Coverage they are getting. But since you all are going to give them the coverage they so love, then why don't you give "Equal" coverage to the Pro-Bush Rallies and so forth? Why don't you go to Fort Hood, and talk to the Wives, Mothers and Troopers. See how they feel on and about Mrs.. Sheehan, and the Anti-War Protesters? Go to Killeen and Copperas Cove, and see how the people feel about Mrs. Sheehan and the Anti-War Protesters? Ask the Anti-War Protesters why they haven't taken their Protest to Fort Hood, etc? Why they aren't protesting out side Fort Hood? I do hope you all will give a Fair and Good Coverage of the Pro-Bush and so forth Rally next Saturday (27th).

Bill and Mary Ann Durfee
Gatesville, Texas

Cindy Sheehan is a woman who has stated that she was opposed to the war before her son enlisted (would ship him to Canada or run over him with her car) and has stated, "This country is not worth fighting for." It is a disgrace that her statements have not diminished her worth as the "face of anti-war protest." She in fact reminds me of the people who dragged our Ranger and Delta Force soldiers' bodies through the streets of Mogadishu and those Iraquis who hung the bodies of the Blackwater contractors from a bridge. She drags the good name of her son through mud and hangs his name on "Camp Casey" for the sole purpose of gaining attention for herself and to stoke her own feelings of self-importance without regard to the fact that by re-enlisting, he showed the world what he believed in and his actions shine light on the lies and hate the protesters are trying to sow. I served in another time when "we supported the troops but not the war" and I know that was a lie then and it is a lie now. Go home, Cindy, before you make people forget Casey was a brave soldier and instead make people think he was some kind of hippy.
Bert Hernandez
Lorena, TX
U.S. Army 1968-1974

People should stop right now and remember what happened thirty-seven years ago. Protesters against the Vietnam War caused more deaths in Vietnam than anything. Seeing America against the war raised the courage of the enemy as it is doing today. By speaking out against the war you are supporting the enemy. Why not use that effort to fight high gas prices. Remember these men and women joined the M-I-L-I-T-A-R-Y. It was not a boy scout group. I served two tours in Vietnam; I was shot during my first tour and went back two years later. I was asked why i went back i told them CAUSE THAT IS MY JOB. And just like during the Vietnam War, the news covers more what is wrong than what is right. We were called baby killers, and the news showed as much as they could about how American troops were being brutal to those in Vietnam. They didn't tell america about the no fly zone that America gave the enemy to hide and be safe, they didn't tell America how our POW'S were being tortured and killed in hideous ways, and they gave news coverage to those cowards who ran to Canada, those same cowards who are enjoying this freedom here and some are teaching our kids in school. That is what is going to happen here if it does not STOP.
Retired MSG Jack Sherman
Copperas Cove

Just as Ms. Sheehan has the "right" to do what she is doing, you have the "right" to air her vile commercials but are either the "right" thing to do? Absolutely not! You need to take a hint from the Utah station mentioned in today's AOL news and stop this putrid drivel, which is in lock step with Michael Moore and his ilk. This thing is not and never has been about the lady's hero son, it is about her insane hatred of President Bush.
Charles Cagle
Waco, TX

I wonder if I am the only one with an eye for the obvious. Ms. Sheehan's son died doing his job. What did she think joining the military meant? He joined the military to defend and serve his country and that is exactly what he did. Instead of dishonoring his memory she should be celebrating it. Every minute that Ms. Sheehan spends in Crawford protesting what her son died for is disgracing his memory. Go home Ms. Sheehan. Look at the photos you have of your son graduating from basic training. Look at the photos you have of him in his uniform and remember the pride you felt when you saw those pictures for the first time, or when you showed them to family and friends. Because all you are doing now is acting as if you have no pride in your son or in your country. Ms. Sheehan, we live in a democracy, which allows you to do exactly what you have been doing for the past 10 days. But, enough is enough. Point made. Bottom line, your son VOLUNTEERED for military service and you weren't there protesting when he signed on the bottom line. Too much, too little, too late, go home Ms. Sheehan, the American's that are proud of our country and our soldiers are tired of your plight.
Proud wife and daughter of a retired Disabled American Veterans and retired Veteran!!
Lori Anglin
Killeen, Texas

I just wanted to weigh in on the Cindy Sheehan ordeal;
I feel bad for Cindy, losing a family member is always painful but I have a question; is it any less painful for a parent to lose a child in a car accident or to cancer? I think it’s a tragedy that Cindy believes her son died for nothing. Hero’s die for a worthy cause. They die protecting and sustaining others. They die for causes greater than themselves. If Cindy insists that her son has died for nothing, then I believe she is saying that her son was not a hero. I think someone needs to remind Cindy that her son and thousands of brave men and women like him that have made the ultimate sacrifice, have afforded her the privilege of protesting the President on his front yard. I think Cindy is still in the grieving process and that she is attempting to feel the void of her son’s death by blaming others. I also believe that there are people out there that are using her and our brave soldier’s death to further their anti-Bush political agenda. We live in the greatest country in the world. The freedom we enjoy and take for granted everyday is made possible by all of the fallen hero’s, like Casey Sheehan. God Bless Cindy Sheehan, our President, our troops and our country,
Proud tax paying American citizen,
Scott Hedges
Hewitt, Texas

This whole story is nothing more than a liberal media driven event....
G .Martin

In regards to the Cindy Sheehan story, I fully understand that she is upset at the loss of her son. What I don't understand is how she can say she supports our troops but yet say they are fighting and dying for no reason. Were there weapons of mass destruction found, no, but can anyone including Mrs. Sheehan honestly say that the world is not better off without Salami truly believe we are. Why not show the great things that are going on with the war instead of always focusing on the negative.
Christy Pratt

I am very tired of hearing about Cindy Sheehan. Every time I see her face or hear her voice, I change the channel. Enough is enough.
Diane Stroble

I have sympathy for all who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured. I have a son that went to Iraq, but thank God he came home. We supported him whole heartedly because he was more than willing to go. I am amazed that the rest of the world has come to a HALT so you can report NOTHING but what is happening at Crawford. I am so sick of hearing HER name that I won't even print it. You are reporting EVERYTHING about her except when she goes to the BATHROOM. Is that next? PLEASE, GIVE IT A REST AND GIVE US A BREAK !!!! How about showing some of the GOOD things that are happening in Iraq? KWTX has been my favorite news station, but am ready to just turn off the TV. This story is on MORNING, NOON, EVENING & NIGHT. Enough already!! I know STUFF life this is what SELLS, but isn't there ANYTHING else out there that is NEWS WORTHY? Please, we want to hear some other news for a change.
Lillie Tamplen

I do not think it is in the best interest of everyone to air negative commercials directed at President Bush. This is the man we are supposed to be supporting.
Sandy Viana

It is very sad to see that your station has chosen to air someone's personal attack on President Bush. No matter what someone's view of the war may be, it is degrading to the American people for anyone to publicly call the President a liar on national TV. It is appalling to know that your station cannot discern the moral content of a paid for commercial. Again, it is very sad to know that your company is more interested to air a paid commercial rather than stand up for America and the leadership of our country. I have always thought of this station as being fair at presenting local coverage and not to be biased, however my personal opinion on this matter has now changed.
Donna S. Wilson

This is submitted for your "Viewer's Comments" section.
For those people who believe we should stand behind our president whether he is right or wrong I submit this quote. "That we are to stand by the president, right or wrong is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." (Theodore Roosevelt)
Gary L Caraway
Salado, Tx

Thank you for reading my e-mail. I would like to inform you that I am a faithful morning buzz listener. I do that because I enjoy the morning news team. This morning however after waking up and hearing the advertisement done by Sheehan, I changed channels. I very much believe that every TV station has the right to play any advertising, story, special it wishes. That is what makes this country great. I also have a choice and this morning I turned to Channels 6 and 25 to determine which one I would watch until I figured it was safe to go back to Channel 10. Hopefully you have gotten other such responses. While I am very much in favor of peace in this world, I do not like terrorists killing innocent Americans, and as long as our brave soldiers are in Iraq, freeing that country and tearing apart the same terrorist networks that hit New York... then I know my family is safe. Hope to hear from you soon that it is safe to return as one of your faithful morning listeners.
Thank you and God bless.
John Obr
Temple, Texas

What would Cindy's reaction be if she had lost her son in the towers on 9/11?
Ret MSG Cecil Zehr

In my opinion and lots of people I have talked to, Cindy needs to GO HOME. I'm very sorry for what happened to her son as I am for all the people who have lost love ones. My son is in Iraq right now, he was to be home this October, but will not be home any sooner than April and hopefully no later than October 2006. Before Chester went in, his best friend J was in when it all broke out in Iraq. We have done an awful lot of worrying, but both of these young men JOINED the army. We are proud of them like their fathers, fathers were proud when they joined during Viet Nam. We are proud of them like their great grandparents were proud of these boys grandfather's during WWII . Cindy, why did you wait until now to start your crusade? Why did you not start it as soon as the war broke out? It is war Cindy. They attacked us in New York and Washington on 9-11-01, just like they attacked us at Pearl Harbor. Were we to sit back and not fight back then? Wake-up Cindy and go home. We are at War. There will always be wars and rumors of war.
Lynn Curry

I sympathize with Mrs. Sheehan and the other 1800+ families who have lost loved ones during this war and any other war. Her son will not be the last to die in war. Injury and death are common hazards associated with armed force employment. Her son, like many others in the all-volunteer force, signed a standard contract that stipulates military enlistment and service is more than an employment agreement, members are required to serve in combat and other hazardous situations, and members serve in capacities that match the needs of the service. If an enlistee is not of age, a parent or legal guardian must sign the contract. The choice is either to totally accept or decline the contract specifications. The contract is non-negotiable.
Jonathan Okray

I am absolutely appalled by all of the undeserving attention Cindy Sheehan is getting from the media. This lady needs to shut her mouth and go back to California. Not only is she dishonoring all of the men and women that have fought and are fighting for our freedom, but she is dishonoring her own son. She is dishonoring the entire armed forces and our President. We are not at war because of President Bush, we are at war because our country and our freedom were brutally attacked on September 11, 2001. Anyone who does not understand that must not understand what America is all about. I am honored to have George W Bush as my President and I thank God we have a man like him in the Whitehouse.
GO HOME CINDY...WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Luster
Hewitt, TX

This morning while I was watching the news, I was outraged by the commercial you ran starring the lady protesting outside the Crawford ranch. Mrs. Sheehan has had her minutes of fame and I am tired of hearing about it. Why have we not heard more about how President Bush met with her and her husband before she even came to Texas? She has been given plenty of "photo opps", and I am ready to hear about the important news from around our state, country, and the world.
Her son gave up his life for and ideal that he beleived in. I am grateful for his sacrifice. We have a volunteer Army. She has spoken her mind. Now, lets move on. The commercial irritated me so much that I am planning to change news stations if I see it again during the news hours.
Debbi Barkley
Belton, TX

I am saddened by the "counter" rally's stance as "the American Zone." Aren't we all Americans? Isn't having the freedom of differing opinions what America is all about? Seems we wouldn't be America if we didn't have this freedom. I support our troops and have great respect for their service to our country. I also empathize with Cindy S. and thank her for taking a stand - as an American who is free to have and to express her own opinion.
Mary Ruth G.,
Temple, TX

I am sad to see the publicity you are giving to a traitor to this country, Mrs. Sheehan. Her son joined the military service of this great nation knowing full well, as millions of us did, that he may have to give his life in our quest to preserve our way of life in protecting our freedoms. If he knew what his mother is doing, he would be appalled and ashamed of her. She is taking away his honor and dignity as she powers her way into television stardom. She should be ashamed of what she is doing and if she were an honorable person, she would break camp and go home. You, at Channel 10, should not be giving her this publicity as it is doing nothing but inciting the insurgents against us. Do any of you remember what happened on Sept. 11, 2001? We never started this war and President Bush has not lied to us concerning any portion of this war. For her to say that he lied, is the biggest lie of all. She cannot nor can anyone else prove that President Bush ever lied to us. Please think about what is going on here: Mrs. Sheehan is being used for a political agenda put on by groups in this country who think they can gain power by running our country down and making us look bad around the world. Thank you.
Leland Busbee


I have just seen your segment on TV about the protest in Crawford Texas as well as some of the viewer comments. I am currently in the Military, I have just returned from Baghdad Iraq in February 2005, and will be returning September 2005 for another tour. I had two month old twin girls the first time I deployed and now have another child due in April. I have deployed many times to many places. Anyone who has been in Iraq can tell you that Saddam was a very Evil person (just check out the mass graves), and the terrorist that we fight their now are not any better (they drive car bombs into masses of innocent children). If we start pulling out troops to early then we will be undermanned and that will lead to more U.S. casualties. We pull out all at once then the people we tried to save will be destroyed. Simple facts that certain people just do not want to acknowledge. Have people forgotten simple things like Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage? I am the one risking his life; I am a volunteer not a draftee - I do not need to be rescued by this lady or any other protester! If they want to do some real good, then they should work with organizations like the VFW and the American Legion to take care of our Veterans.
Charles W. Robinson

The people who are protesting the war at Crawford are lowering the morale of our soldiers in Iraq. Cindy Sheehan's son would be very upset to see how his Mom is dishonoring his memory. He believed in fighting for his country. When our children become adults we have to respect their dreams. His dream was to fight for his country.
I consider the protest to be an act of treason.
Sincerely, Ruth Daniel
Temple Tx

I just wanted to extend my gratitude to you all at KWTX 10 and CBS for airing the Cindy Sheehan spot during the 6 o’clock news that I saw today. I am a veteran of this war and feel the same way that Cindy does. Not only do I admire her bravery for coming forth and speaking the truth, but for giving her wholehearted support to the troops that are currently in Iraq and will be going. I understand that you all will probably get some horrible feedback for airing this, but I just wanted to say thanks for having the guts that not many other stations would have. In this day and age we need more broadcasts like yours to determine the truth for ourselves, instead of what the administration wants us to hear. Once again thank you for airing her plead. Keep up the good work!
Marissa Sousa

Why didn't Cindy Sheehan talk to her son about her concerns re the Middle East before he joined up? Soldiers know that they must go where they are needed, and in the last several years the Middle East is the location of that need. I served 26 years in the Army and was fortunate that I didn't have to fight. Sometimes I feel guilty because of that. He fought with pride and it is a shame that his mother doesn't see that. She is so concerned about WMD and the AQ connection (or lack of) that she doesn't see what would happen if that volatile area erupts even more than it already has. There is no doubt that the Middle East would be REALLY aflame but for the U.S. It was just a matter of time before SH expressed his affection for AQ and it is pretty certain that he already was supporting them financially. No one likes war, especially soldiers, but someone has to do the job. She is not helping the effort.
Ken Godfrey

Every single time you air that Anti War Commercial with Cindy Sheehan, I mute the TV and change the channel. I will continue to do so, and if needed I will quit watching your channel. You can forward this on to the powers that be on up the ladder. I know it is airing on other stations, and they will get this same email. My family will protest by NOT supporting ANY station that airs the commercial. We will support our TROOPS! Shame on you! May your baskets be filled with your favorite things,
Crystal D. Miller


I am appalled that you are going to run ads against our president in a time of war. Money really is the root of all evil. I know that you do not have to run advertising spots that are demeaning to your audience. I doubt that you would run ads for the Klu Klux Klan. Well, I hope you wouldn't, anyway. The people paying for these ads are every bit as unsavory as the clan. That poor woman is being used by people far smarter than she and she is very misguided. But $4000.00 is a lot of money, I guess. It is my sincere wish that your advertisers pull their spots and you lose much more than $4000.00. You sure have lost my respect, not that it means anything to you. I wonder how long you thought about this. A large part of your audience is at Ft. Hood. And I just imagine that they are not going to like your running ads against their Commander in Chief. But as I said earlier money is the root of all evil. Ever wonder why local stations are not as popular as they used to be.
Sue Ward
Harker Heights

I am totally appalled at the conduct of our local television stations by airing the comments by Cindy Sheehan. Her comments being aired in the viewing area of the President of the United Stated is irresponsible. I totally believe in freedom of speech, but her comments reflect the opinion of a person that just doesn’t understand what the world is up against at this point in history. Perhaps she would rather fight the terrorist on U.S. soil? My question to her is, if we did fight in her back yard how many more lives would be lost? The military service is an all-volunteer force. Her son chose to join the military of his own free will to defend this Great Nation. Her son had enlisted twice and stated these words of enlistment:
"I, (________), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."
My hat is off to him and the others who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation. Her words dishonor his death and the others who have died so that we could live in freedom. Mrs. Sheehan, I’m ashamed of you and your cause. Perhaps you need to take your cause to Southwest Asia and try to convince the radical people there to make peace.
Mike Carroll
China Spring

PLEASE! Enough already. We are so tired of seeing this political agenda on each newscast. These anti-war protestors feed on the publicity they receive. If the TV stations and Waco Trib would ignore them for a couple of days, they would go away. We back President Bush and our troops in every way.
Marillyn and D.J. Nystrom

After hearing some of the grief you are getting for airing any news about Cindy Sheehan, I just wanted to let you know I have the greatest admiration for your station. I am not from the Waco area but I do receive KWTX TV channel 10 and can assure you I have started watching your station to get the latest news and updates on Cindy Sheehan. She is a wonderfully brave American who is asking the questions of Mr. Bush that we would all like to ask him and hope we would get to answers but no doubt will not. Sadly Cindy Sheehan has earned the right to ask these questions of the man who sent her son to die. The only problem Cindy Sheehan has is that her son, like over 1,800 of America's sons and daughters have been lost to us forever because of a war based on lies. If Bush's reasons for going to war were truly legitimate then why are so many afraid to have these questions answered? Many complain that we are not supporting our troops by asking why we were lied to about the reasons for this war but I say we are the ones supporting our troops. We care that our troops are dying for the noble cause of...what? Lies? With greatest admiration for you and Cindy Sheehan.
Sandy Garrett

I am very disappointed in Channel 10 and the other Waco stations that are airing the Sheehan ads. This is in poor taste and disrespectful to our troops, our Country and our President. Her concern now is politics and not her heroic son. Our men and women are doing so much more than fighting, they are helping to build a free society in Iraq. If you do not believe this is all about politics, look who is sponsoring this "protest" Study up on this organization and then you will see the real agenda. And by the way, if Waco is so interested in the Bush Library being located here, I wouldn't think this is a positive influence for those making the decision.
Sharon Crossley

You have GOT to be kidding me. I can't believe that I just watched my
supposedly non-biased news station read 4 e-mails bashing Cindy Sheehan and her message, while supporting President Bush and his lies. And not 1 single e-mail was read that represents a different opinion.I think that what a lot of people choose not to believe, is that Cindy Sheehan is not against the soldiers, but is against President Bush and his message. This has nothing to do with the soldiers doing their job or with not supporting the soldiers....I'm sure that almost all
Americans (including Cindy Sheehan) support the soldiers, no matter
what they think of the president. The message is that President Bush
lied to get us into this war, and continues to lie to keep us in the
war. Iraq didn't bomb America. Saddam Hussein was not responsible in any way, shape, or form for 9/11. Iraq didn't have weapons of mass
destruction and President Bush knew that. We need to have those over-deployed, underpaid soldiers in Afghanistan looking for Osama bin Laden and his hoodlums....remember that they are the ones responsible for 9/11....isn't that why we are supposed to be at war??? And yes, horrible things happened in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, but there are horrible things happening in many other countries in the world and we can't solve everyone's problems. Let's face it, we aren't in Iraq to solve anyone's problems or to promote democracy, we are there because of an old tiff between Saddam Hussein and the senior President Bush. And that's not worth dying for. Let the Bush family fight their own battles. And as for the man so concerned with protecting his children from watching so-called lies on the news, maybe he should use it as a
learning opportunity to teach his children about difference of opinion
and freedom of speech....democracy, remember???
Your ex-viewer of 20 years,
ReNae Esterby
Belton, Texas

Thank you for your perpetual support and information of our Troops in Iraq. Thank you for offering military families and others to voice their opinion regarding Mrs. Cindy Sheehan. My husband is serving proudly his second tour of duty in Iraq as we speak and he and both support President Bush 100% for his efforts in defeating the very enemy who constantly seeks to destroy our beliefs as a nation. I believe although all of our hearts reach out to Mrs. Sheehan and her loss, we are compelled to believe that she is seriously misinformed and misguided. Our family does not support our views, nor do we condone the Anti-War/Military rhetoric that is being thrown around by fellow media outlets.
Regardless of your side of politics we should all support and appreciate our troops who sacrifice so much to defend this country.
God Bless Each and Every Soldier at home and abroad.
Amy Norton & Family
SSG Norton
3rd Signal Brigade
Mosul, Iraq

In regards to the comments against Ms. Keenan's and others’ protest regarding the war. I am not pro-Bush and I am not anti-war. However, have we forgotten about the rights we have as American citizens of free speech. And that right is to be enforced regardless if WE all agree or not. After all that is one of the privileges of being an American and if we are going to dictate each others beliefs, then we are no better than the Husseins, Hitlers, and other treacherous dictators that we are trying to free other countries from.
Thank you
Rhonda Powell McGrew

I support all the American Men and Women around this world Protecting me, an American Citizen.I Pray for them daily. I also Pray that the protesters will feel conviction on their hearts to change their feelings and know without the Troops fighting we would not be safe no matter who the President is or how they feel about him. We still must have protectors or we will
Thank you,
Linsey Parson

I am a combat veteran (USN) of Viet Nam and have experienced first hand the senseless behavior of emotional overwrought individuals like Ms. Sheehan. I am devastated that she lost a son on war. I mourn deeply for her and with her. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the actions of a group of individuals in Crawford is no longer about Ms. Sheehan and her grief. It is about political capitalization. I sincerely believe that Ms. Crawford has now been caught up in the limelight ( she obviously enjoys the camera ) and has become an unwitting pawn in the larger political battle by opponents of our President. Thanks to the media, the whole thing has been, and is being, blown way out of proportion. These people have NO IDEA the affect of their actions have on the morale of her son's fellow combatants who are still there and continuing to fight for the rights and freedoms Ms. Sheehan's fought and died for. I Personally mourn for her loss, as well as for the tragic losses of every parent, sibling, child, and friend incurred in our efforts to eradicate tyranny and terrorism form the world.
John Paul Jones
SUN 1964-1969
Viet Nam 1967-1968

I wish someone would take a news crew to Fort Hood and get our troops feed back on what this woman is doing in Crawford. My husband is Military and has served in Iraq and my son-in-law is on his way to Iraq now. This woman is not only dishonoring our troops but her son as well who signed up into the Military voluntary to serve his country. This whole mess has been a one-sided deal and frankly I think the world needs to hear how the people who are putting their lives on the line feels. President Bush didn't kill her son. It took a lot more people than the President to send him to Iraq.
Thank you
LaQuita Bauman

I do not believe that I recall anyone being drafted into the service. Everyone that is in the service VOLUNTEERED! This woman that is in Crawford Texas is doing a shameful thing. Our men in the service that are fighting in Iraq are brave and honorable men.
They are serving their country because they want to. And we should support them and what they are fighting for. These are the REAL men. I have 2 sons over there and they tell me about all the good things that have happened to the people of Iraq since Saddam was taken out. They tell me about the Iraqi people treating our servicemen with kindness and gratitude. My boys are proud of what they are doing and are proud to serve their country. And I support them and all the war efforts that are going on because people deserve to be free and not live under a tyrant. My sons’ names are: SSG. Justin D. Norton and Sgt. Jake T. Norton. This is the 2nd time in Iraq for both of them and I am very proud of them. If anything should ever happen to them, while they are over there, I will always be proud of them for doing what they believed in. These men are fighting over there so that we can be safe and be able to sleep at night. They deserve our support. And this "crazy woman" should be put away somewhere or be sent over to Iraq to see
exactly what is going on. She is a disgrace to the United States.
Thelma Norton

Dear Sharon:

Thank you for "coming into our home” with news. We enjoy your reports so very much.
Sharon, also thank you for some positive news we heard tonight. We enjoyed hearing from the wifes who had lost their husbands in Iraq. Our hearts really go out to them. We get so tired of hearing about Cindy Sheehan and her anti-war. You know Sharon, we do believe people like to hear positive news also. When we hear so many negative reports, this just adds to the terrorists. So thank you for giving something positive. When we pulled up KWTX web-site, the first story was about Cindy Sheehan. As we have said, this is very negative reporting. It would be good to see the story about the wives loosing their husbands and what they have said about the war. Again Sharon, thank you and your team for "coming into our home" each day.
Randy & Martha Teague

I have been a avid watcher of your News Station, however since seeing story after story and now the unpatriotic commercial this person appears on has really gotten me sick. I recently read that Cindy Sheehan resides in Vacaville, California. I lived in Vacaville, California for over 16 years where I was a Senior Deputy Marshal. Sitting next door to Vacaville is Travis Air Force base, is a major transport hub for our troops on the West Coast. Being a Veteran of the US Navy and member of Special Forces Unit SBU-11, I can assure you that the people in this part of our Country are very Patriotic. I would go as far to say they are ashamed to have their city in the spotlight based on the actions of this individual. Vacaville sits in Solano County and like Fort Hood and the surrounding area have a lot of Retired Military veterans from Travis Air Force base and former Naval Bases such as Mare Island and Treasure Island. I am so tired of the bashing and accusing OUR President of lying. The President bases his decisions not only on his belief and feeling but the information he is informed of within the different section of our government. All the individuals complaining about the loss of lives (In which my heart goes out to all the families) need to keep in mind that their loved ones join the Military without being drafted. With that choice you have given your life to the service of our Country and Service of your own choosing until you have finished your tour. Why do you think our Country is the Greatest Country on Earth?
Not because of bashing our President or Country.
Scott McDaniel, Senior Deputy Marshal, Retired

I am a mother of a soldier stationed in Iraq for the 2nd time. My son Staff Sgt Justin Norton re-enlisted in the United States Army knowing that five months from that time he would be back in Iraq for at least another year of his life. Away from a wife and two little girls who love him so much.............I am at all times very proud of my son and the job he performs for this country voluntarily. As they say "Someone has to do it". He had nothing to do with the decision to go to war.... (That's not his job)! But never have I heard him say or act as if he didn't want to perform his job over there.............This is a volunteer Military............These American Soldiers volunteer to serve and fight and tragically, sometimes die for America...Period End of Statement..........They don't pick or choose the fight. I am so ashamed and embarrassed for Casey and the way His Mom has dishonored one of America's Finest.......Her Son, who willing took the job not many want...............To stand up and say I believe in the United States of America and to prove it I will put My Life on the Line. Casey, "I am proud and very grateful for your service and ultimate sacrifice, and as a Mom I pray every night My Son will return safely just as I know your Mom said the same Prayers." I hope and pray that I would never do anything to dishonor my son...........What he is risking and every soldier is risking is their lives for our way of life..They are America's greatest asset!!............And I Thank God that I have a son, a man that could stand up and say "Someone has to do it, so it might as well be me"! I hope Cindy Sheehan can someday, remember her son for what he stood up for and how brave he was............And he was brave and honorable enough to give to his Nation his life..........and he will be remembered for his invaluable service.........and priceless sacrifice...........He did it for his Mom and he did it for me! Thank you, Casey............
A Proud Army Mom............Proud to be an American,
Karen Norton

What planet have these people been living on who keep saying that President Bush has not lied? Let us count the ways. First we were going into Iraq to get rid of the weapons of mass destruction, then it was because Sadaam had connections with Osama Bin Laden, and therefore had something to do with 9/11. Then it was to free the Iraqi people of whom there are estimates up to a hundred thousand of them killed because we are there. Now we are there to transplant our form of government. If you can believe all this, I am quite sure you could use some oceanfron property which I happen to own in central Texas. Cindy Sheehan is supporting the troops by trying to see that they come home alive and in one piece. I am a veteran of World War 2 and a patriotic American. In WW2 we knew what we were fighting for and it didn't change from day to day. How long can we tolerate this war based on lies before the people rise up and say "enough"
Bill Woodland

I have been following the news stories relating to Cindy Sheehan with interest, including her recent advertisement airing on your station. There have been several stories in support of her and those against her. Commendations to you for airing them both. I had noticed though that our president seems to only to speak to those who support him, as in the story that was aired on CBS news and also on your broadcast where he spoke with families that lost loved ones but support his policies. Is he so afraid to listen to opposition? This goes back beyond the past few months back to the election and his so called " Town Hall Meetings" where all attendees were screened to allow only his staunchest supporters. What has happened to free speech in this country where a person only wishes to hear opinions that they can agree with? This seems to be the case with some people that have recently written in to your news and don't wish for themselves or their families to hear an opposing opinion. They should instead take this as an opportunity to educate their children about our constitution or have an informed debate. I do support Cindy Sheehan's right to make her voice heard and I do think the president should listen. He does preside over all Americans not just the few that he chooses.
With regards,
Carol Hennessy

There is not a person in America that doesn't have sympathy for Cindy Sheehan. Her son is a war hero. However, who does she think she is? The president has already met with her and showed her compassion, which she admitted to at first. Then she changed her story and the liberal hate mongers made her their little puppet. The press is having a hayday with it also, giving her all the airtime with little opposition. The Waco Trib even got the numbers wrong in the Sunday paper. They said there were 300 ati-war protesters to 100 supporters of the troops and the president. I was there Saturday and it was like 50 to 75 anti-war protesters to 250 supporters. An honest mistake I'm sure. Yes there were mistakes made in the war with Iraq. More to come I'm sure. But tell me what war that we didn't make some mistakes? If we pull out now there will be killing fields all over again. Our soldiers will have died in vain. We cannot let that happen again. We must stay the course!
Larry Futch

I would like to commend Cindy Sheehan for her very brave stance on this terrible war!! We are losing more and more young people every day that passes! And I'm with her-what NOBLE CAUSE are we talking about here Mr. Bush? This is a War of your making and I most certainly don't see it as a noble cause. As to the people who voiced support for Mr. Bush, I'd like to ask what is it they support-the fact that he's a Republican and so you support that cause? Tell me, can you list the things he’s done that have HELPED our country, if so lets hear it. I could give you a full page of what he's supported that is HURTING our country!!!! To the lady who said Mrs Sheehan's grief is "her own,” evidently has never lost a child, SoMrs. Sheehan's grief is Not just her own, it's a grief shared by all the Mothers and Fathers who Have lost one, SHAME ON YOU lady.
G. Laurence
Waco, Tx.

I applaud Mrs. Sheehan's efforts to get some answers from President Bush. What I would like for people to realize is that it is possible to protest the war and still support our troops. This country was founded on protest and we should respect Mrs. Sheehan's right to do so.
Gary Smith
Waco, TX