Students Back In Class After Local School Evacuated Wednesday

(Photo by Nichole Perez)
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ORENA (November 28, 2012)--Students, faculty and staff were evacuated from the Lorena High School building Wednesday morning after someone noticed an odor of smoke in the building.

Lorena ISD spokeswoman Sherry Borchardt told News 10 later in the day that the school was evacuated because there was no power in the building.

She said the odor came from an air conditioning unit that failed when the power went down.

Earlier a spokesman for the school said everyone was evacuated from the classroom building at about 7:45 a.m. and sent to the nearby gymnasium.

The spokesman reported no one saw smoke but there was a distinct odor of something burning and that, along with the lack of power, prompted the evacuation.

All students were back in class by the middle of the day.

Lorena firefighters and police were at the scene investigating the source of the odor.

Once power company crews arrived the power was restored to the area.

Earlier reports indicated that students were also evacuated from the junior high and elementary school buildings, but Borchardt said those students were not affected.