Appeals Court Affirms Local Robbery Conviction, Sentence

Delarontae Walker (Jail photo)
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WACO (November 30, 2012)—Waco’s 10th Court of Appeals on Thursday affirmed the robbery conviction of Delarontae Dontario Walker and his 50-year prison sentence.

In the court’s affirmation, Justice Al Scoggins wrote: “We have reviewed the entire record and counsel’s brief and have found nothing that would arguably support an appeal.”

Walker, who was 23 at the time of his conviction in April of this year, was found guilty in 19th State District Court of robbing and pistol-whipping a man and eventually was sentenced to serve 50 years in state prison.

Then in October Walker pleaded guilty to two more robberies and was sentenced to two 30-year terms, which Judge Ralph Strother ordered served concurrently with his first sentence.

In the first case the jury found Walker used a firearm when he robbed Octavio Rivera after the two ran from the Coco Loco bar, at Grim Avenue and North 25th Street.

Walker claimed he couldn't have committed the robbery because he was selling drugs to a friend at the time.

Walker then pleaded guilty to robbing and carjacking a pregnant woman on one count and taking a man's wallet at gunpoint and threatening to kill him.