Noteworthy Random Act Of Kindness At Christmas

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MCLENNAN COUNTY (December 24, 2012)-A Waco business has provided an incredible random act of kindness for a McLennan County family that was in dire need.

Carol Harrell, who owns Noteworthy Stationers, in Waco, discovered the family after she visited their home.

The family is comprised of a grandfather who suffers medical disability, a grandmother who is unable to work and a 12-year-old special needs grandson.

Harrell saw the extreme need and decided to do something about it.

So for Christmas, Harrell enlisted employees, other friends and some people she didn't even know, who provided a meal for the family, toys and clothes for the boy and had enough money left over to buy them all a big screen television.

To ensure their privacy, Harrell would not reveal the family's name nor where they live.

But it's a sure thing she, and the people at Noteworthy Stationers, acted in the true spirit of Christmas.