Man Pleads Guilty To University-Area Robbery

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WACO (December 27, 2012)—A Waco man pleaded guilty Thursday to a November 2011 aggravated robbery that happened near the Baylor campus.

Judge Ralph Strother sentenced Rodney Darrell Scott, 36, to serve 5 years in state prison on one count of robbery.

Rodney admitted that on November 30, 2011, he reached into a man’s car while the victim was at a fast food restaurant and took money from the man.

A police report from the day of the robbery showed at about 11:30 p.m. Nov. 30 the 18-year-old victim was in the drive through at the Taco Bell at 824 South 6th Street when a man walked up to his car and asked for money, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

The victim found a $1 bill in the console of his car and gave it to the man, but the man reached into his pocket as if he had a gun and demanded more money, Swanton said.

The victim found some change in the car, but before he could hand it to the robber, the assailant reached into the car and grabbed the money and then walked away.

The victim got his order and drove to his apartment before he called police.

He described the robber and a short time later, officers spotted a man who matched the description at a near-by McDonald's.

They identified the man as Scott and found that he had been warned away from the McDonald's before.

Police did not recover a weapon.