Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan To Take Part In White House “Die-In”

Cindy Sheehan, the Vacaville, Calif. woman whose anti-war protest during the President’s Central Texas vacation in August made international headlines, was back in the news Tuesday as she announced that she and other activists will take part in a symbolic “die-in” outside the White House over the next four days.

Sheehan's son Casey, a 1st Cavalry Division soldier, died in Iraq last year.

She told a small crowd Tuesday she will be “laying down and not getting up.”

Sheehan said she hopes as many as 2,000 people will take part in the vigil throughout the week to represent each American death in Iraq.

Police arrested Sheehan last month during a protest outside the White House.

Sheehan and several dozen other protesters had sat down on the sidewalk after marching along a pedestrian walkway on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Police warned them three times that they were breaking the law by failing to move along. Then, officers began making arrests.

They were charged with demonstrating without a permit, which is a misdemeanor.

Sheehan also weighed in on a political race Tuesday, urging those opposed to the war to thwart the aspirations of New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton unless Clinton joins the opposition to the conflict.

"I believe that any candidate who supports the war should not receive our support. It doesn't matter if they're Senator Clinton or whoever,” Sheehan told The Associated press.

Clinton voted in 2002 for the congressional resolution authorizing the president to use military force in Iraq.

She's supported troop-level expansions even while criticizing Mr. Bush's handling of Iraq.

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