Overnight Winds Rip Roof Off Of Century-Old Building

Downtown Gatesville (City of Gatesville photo/file)
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GATESVILLE (February 26, 2013)—Monday night’s high winds ripped most of the roof off a furniture store in downtown Gatesville that occupies a building built in 1885.

Leaird’s Furniture owner Clay McClelland said the winds estimated to have been about 50 miles per hour out of the north got up under the edge of the roof and “peeled it back like opening a sardine can.”

McClelland said he has two roofing companies on the way to estimate what it will take to fix the damage but its something he needs done soon because if it were to rain now “it would be a disaster.”

McClelland said in just the past few weeks he has had damage to fabric awnings on the front of the building repaired after they were torn off by high winds back in December.

This time, he said, the winds came from the other side of the building and the fabric awnings weren’t damaged.