Punishment Re-Trial Begins Here For Convicted Robber

Alexis Bo Perez (Jail photo)
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WACO (February 27, 2013)—A man convicted in January of robbery is set to be back in court today for a punishment re-trial.

On January 31, Alexis Bo Perez was convicted of robbing a Dominoes Pizza during a one-man crime spree that began September 3, 2011.

But when jurors began to consider punishment, they deadlocked and Judge Ralph Strother declared a mistrial.

Punishment testimony presentation is set to begin again at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Strother’s 19th District Court.

It took the jury just an hour to find Perez, 19, guilty of the September 2011 armed robbery of a Dominoes Pizza in the 1400 block of Wooded Acres Drive.

It was one of four robberies that prosecutors say Perez did in a 24-hour period on Sept. 3, 2011, but Perez was being tried only for the Dominoes hold up, prosecutors said.

The other three cases are pending and include the robberies of the Papa John's Pizza, 5900 Bosque Blvd., the Skinny's convenience store on Sanger Avenue and the Chesalon store on North 19th Street.
Perez is eligible for probation but he could be sentenced to 99 years or life in prison.