West Looks To Old Landfill To Help Residents Clean Up Debris

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WEST (May 1, 2013)--For the first time since the West explosion, the City of West's sanitation department picked up trash in Zone 3 Wednesday.

Mayor Tommy Muska said at a town hall meeting last Sunday that all residents affected by the West explosion are responsible for disposing of all debris left on their property from the blast.

But right now the City of West's sanitation department is only picking up bagged household garbage, leaving many residents in Zone 3 questioning what to do with all the debris collecting dust on their property.

The answer could lie behind a gate that's been locked for years just outside of West on John Nors Road.

It's the home of what used to be the West city dump.

According to Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Vanek, the dump has been closed for more than 20 years because the city couldn't afford to meet new government regulations.

But now the dump could be open again to residents.

The city is currently working with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality officials to get it reopened so residents can bring their debris there.

Vanek says a timetable hasn't been established as to when the city will make the dump available to residents, but he anticipates it to be opened soon.