Convicted Central Texas Killer Executed

HUNTSVILLE (May 7, 2013)--Convicted killer Carroll Joe Parr, 35, who bypassed his attorneys and filed his own appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court, was executed Tuesday evening in Huntsville for a shooting a decade ago in that left a teenager dead.

The one-time drug dealer, who was known on the street as "Outlaw," was sentenced to death for the Jan. 11, 2003 shooting outside of the B&G Convenience Store in North Waco that left Joel Dominguez, 18, dead and Mario Chavez, then 18, injured.

Just hours before the execution, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rejected Parr’s appeal, which was mailed to the high court and received earlier Tuesday.

Parr contended in the appeal he had deficient legal help at his trial in Waco and in earlier stages of his appeal.

Scalia chose not to refer it to the full court and rejected it less than two hours before Parr was taken to the death chamber.

According to the typewritten petition, the motion was delivered to Texas prison officials for mailing on April 26.

The shooting stemmed from a drug deal.

Parr had purchased marijuana from Dominguez at the store and later returned with a friend, Earl Whiteside, to get his money back, prosecutors said.

After Parr and Whiteside arrived at the store, they forced Dominguez and Chavez to walk to a fenced area beside the store where Parr pistol-whipped Dominguez and demanded his money, prosecutors said.

Dominguez complied, but then Parr told Whiteside to "smoke 'em."

Whiteside shot Chavez in the hand and Parr shot Dominguez in the head, killing him, prosecutors said.

Parr was convicted of capital murder on May 21, 2004 and was sentenced to die five days later.

Whiteside entered a guilty plea in March 2004.

Parr insisted he didn't shoot Dominguez, but said he wouldn’t break his word to the people involved in the slaying and identify who he claimed actually did the shooting.

Parr's execution date was set on Feb. 4 in a Waco courtroom in which security was tight.

As he was led from the courtroom after the date was set, Parr yelled, "Death is a prize."

Parr told The Associated Press during a recent interview he was resigned to his fate and even welcomed it although he insisted someone else killed Dominguez.

Parr's execution was the fifth this year in Texas.

At least 10 others are scheduled for the coming months, including one next week.

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