Small Dog Alerts Local Families To Big Fire

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WACO (June 28, 2013)—A woman who lives at 1025 Oakwood Ave. in Waco, says if it hadn’t been for “Bones”, she and her roommate might have burned up in a fire early Friday morning.

(Photo by Paul Gately)

As it was, two detached garages behind 1023 and 1025 Oakwood were little more than rubble and a car was destroyed by flames but no one in either home was injured.

Assistant Waco fire Chief Patrick Kerwin said a patrolling Waco police officer at about midnight Friday morning noticed smoke coming from behind the two wood-frame homes and alerted firefighters.

It took fire units only minutes to arrive and just a short time to douse the blaze but not before the garages were leveled and a car was consumed by the fire.

Kerwin said the structures and the vehicle were total losses.

Three people lived in the house at 1023 Oakwood and four in the house at 1025 Oakwood and all escaped the blaze without injury, thanks to “Bones.”

“My dog was just barking and I said "Bones", what's wrong with you, what's wrong with you," the woman at 1025 Oakwood said.

"Then when I opened up the door everything was just in flames."

The house at 1023 Oakwood suffered some damage to vinyl siding that melted in the intense heat but neither home suffered any structural damage and the residents were not displaced, Kerwin said.

Four engine companies, a truck company and the chief’s command vehicle responded to the alarm, but Kerwin was able to turn back the truck company before it arrived.

Kerwin said it took just a few minutes to knock down the flames.

Neither building had utilities but one of the garages had power run to it via an extension cord, however Kerwin said the cord was not in use at the time of the fire.

A Waco Fire Marshal was at the scene investigating the cause of the blaze.

Kerwin said both the Waco police officer and “Bones” did a great job making sure no one got hurt.

“It could have been a lot worse,” he said.