Local ER Doctor’s Battle With Brain Cancer Gains Public Attention

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WACO (August 6, 2013)--A local doctor’s battle with brain cancer is rapidly getting attention throughout the Central Texas community.

Dr. David Hurst

David Hurst, who served as ER Director at the Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco for 3 years, was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago this week.

A tumor the size of a golf ball was initially found in the frontal lobe of his brain.

Hurst underwent multiple chemo treatments and had two surgeries to remove the tumor, but both times the cancer came back.

For Hurst, going through treatment and becoming a patient has been a complete role reversal.

"I lost my hair, people could see I had this big scar from the surgeries," Hurst said.

"I had a lot of compassion for patients when I was an ER doctor, but I grew an even larger compassion once I became diagnosed.”

Hurst’s tumor has now grown into the size of a baseball. Last week during a routine checkup in Houston, his tumor began to heavily push against his brain.

Stumbling with his words and unable to answer questions correctly, Hurst’s wife rushed him to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston fearing his brain was bleeding.

“That was a total fear point for me,” Dana Hurst said.

“Doctors came in and said they were going to do some scans and pump him with steroids, and that’s when I hit my low.”

But after spending two days in ICU, Hurst miraculously made a full recovery.

He was released from the hospital and arrived at his home Tuesday afternoon.

Hurst was greeted by members of the community at his home who have followed him through his battle with cancer.

A Facebook page and blog dedicated to updating the public about Hurst’s recovery has received hundreds of followers.

T-shirts and bracelets that bear the words “Team Hurst” have been sold throughout Central Texas.

More chemo treatments and possibly another surgery are in Hurst’s future, but he vows to remain an example of courage as he continues his battle with cancer.

"My goal is to stand up and be the strong one who doesn't back down,” Hurst said.

“That's my goal and I think everyone sees that."