Vehicle Crashes Into Local School, Leaves Hole

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COPPERAS COVE (September 27, 2013)—A vehicle crashed into an elementary school building Friday morning in Copperas Cove but it happened before students arrived on campus for classes.

(Photo by Ben Griffin)

No students or school district employees were injured but the collision left a large hole in the north side wall at Fairview-Miss Jewell Elementary School in the 1000 block of Veterans Ave.

Copperas Cove police, who responded to the incident, have not yet released any information about the driver of the vehicle so it was not immediately known if that driver was injured.

CCISD spokeswoman Olga Pena said school district workers were at the campus covering the hole until construction crews could assess and repair the damage.

Pena said one computer classroom was damaged in the incident and could not be used for class meeting Friday but staff had made other arrangements for those students