Sheriff’s Office Investigating Reports Of Animal Neglect

MARLIN (January 7, 2014) Sheriff’s deputies in Falls County are investigating a reported case of animal neglect that involves 18 horses, Sheriff Ben Kirk said Monday.

In a news release Kirk sent Monday he says the initial investigation uncovered six horses that a veterinarian says were under-nourished and has prescribed a regimen of treatment and feeding to restore them to health.

The vet also reported several of the animals showed signs of health issues that were not related to malnutrition.

Kirk said the owners and the land owner had been cooperative in the investigation.

Kirk did not say where the animals were found nor did he explain what measures were taken after their discovery.

Initially a report indicated as many as 40 horses might be involved, but Kirk said that number was overstated.

The incident remains under investigation and Kirk said he would release more details after the investigation is complete.