Police May Have New Leads In Skeleton Case

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HEWITT (January 21, 2014) Hewitt police say interviews with the family of a man found dead last September in a ravine near a mobile home may have provided new leads into the investigation.

Only this month was Hewitt police Chief James Devlin able to confirm that one set of two bones found were those of Erasmo Guillen-Ruiz, 44, of Mexico.

The other set of remains has yet to be identified.

But interviews with Guillen’s family last week may have provided some information into the other person’s identity, Devlin said Monday.

Devlin said scientists at the University of North Texas submitted DNA from the bones to a databank maintained by the FBI and the results showed they belonged to Guillen-Ruiz.

Devlin said establishing Guillen-Ruiz's identity hopefully will lead to the identity of the second body found at the same location and then to the killer.

Devlin said the identity is a huge break in the case for Hewitt police.

"We're very confident that this case is going to get solved...this piece of information is enormous for us," Devlin said in an exclusive interview with News 10 Wednesday morning.

"As of a month ago, we were treading water, and we had almost nothing," Devlin said.

Devlin said police learned the identity last month but did not release it so investigators could contact Guillen-Ruiz's family.

Ruiz closely resembles the reconstructed bust of the skull that was found by people who live nearby.

But the DNA match tied up the loose ends in the identity case, he said.

"This is great!", Devlin said.

"Its fantastic for this department and what this shows is that we've done the right thing and handled the case in the way it Needs to be handled."

"In order to bring the (responsible) individual to justice, to bring justice to the family or Mr Guillen-Ruiz, we cant stop," Devlin said Wednesday.

Police know, based upon an initial autopsy report, Guillen-Ruiz died from at least one gunshot wound to the head.

Since there was no skull discovered with the other set of bones, medical examiners have not yet been able to determine how that person died, but his death, too, is classified as a homicide.

Police also are looking for a pick up truck that Guillen-Ruiz drove.

Guillen-Ruiz's body was found September 16 2013, behind a trailer park off Bagby Avenue in Hewitt.

A facial reconstruction expert, Suzanne Boldan, who teaches in the Criminal Justice department at McLennan Community College, created a face for one of the two victims, using the skull as a guide.

The other man, whose skull was not found, was 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-3.

Devlin says the department received some leads right after photos of the reconstruction were released, but none of them panned out.

Residents found the first set of remains while walking near a creek bed in the wooded area behind their home in the 100 block of Bridle Path in Hewitt.

Police discovered a second partial set of remains the next day in a search of the area.