Firefighters Sent To Landmark Local Barbecue Joint

(Photo by Christina Truong)

WACO (February 11, 2014) Smoke inside the building at Jasper’s Barbecue isn’t an unusual event but on Tuesday morning the smoke that filled the landmark structure wasn’t supposed to be there.

Firefighters were sent at about 8:20 a.m. to 105 Clifton Street where a caller reported smoke inside the building and pouring from the roof.

The first units on the scene reported light smoke coming from the roof of the structure.

Jasper’s is one of Texas’ oldest continually operating barbecue joints and has provided meals to loyal customers and newcomers alike since 1909.

Assistant Waco Fire Chief D.C. Yeager said an electrical problem with a heater fan motor caused the smoke but the building never actually caught fire.

Fire crews were on the scene just before 8:45 a.m. evacuating smoke from the building.

A spokesman for Jasper’s said the popular lunch spot would be open for business Tuesday at 9 a.m.