Local Man Pleads Guilty To Theft Conspiracy In Iraq

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KILLEEN (February 13, 2014) A Killeen man pleaded guilty in federal court in Waco Thursday to participating in a conspiracy to steal more than $2.6 million in government property and sell it on the black market in Iraq.

U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith, Jr., set David Rodriguez for sentencing on April 14 and allowed Rodriguez to remain free on a $25,000 bond.

Rodriguez was a temporary U.S. Department of Defense employee in Iraq who was Director of Logistics at Camp Taji.

A criminal complaint introduced in court Thursday said Rodriguez, along with another man who was working in Iraq in 2013, arranged to divert a shipment of eight cargo containers from a depot at Camp Taji, Iraq, to another location so they could sell the contents on the black market.

An agent working with the Iraqi Defense Force found several of the containers at a location different from their intended destination and he made U.S. investigators aware of the presence of the containers.

The complaint never details what kind of cargo the containers held, but it does say the goods inside were valued at a total of $2,638.736.34.

The complaint also said Rodriguez and his accomplice, an employee of the Raytheon Company, were to be paid a total of $210,000 for the containers.