Train Wreck Injures Two, Spills Diesel

(Photo by Christina Truong)
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KOSSE (April 7, 2014) Two trains collided late Sunday night on the Falls-Limestone County lines, near Kosse, and two workers were reported injured.

The trainmen were taken by ambulance to a Limestone County medical center for treatment of undisclosed injuries, Department of Public Safety spokesman Trooper DL Wilson said.

As well more than 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel had spilled from one of the engines and fuel still was leaking from its 6,000 tank, Wilson said.

Hazmat crews were en route Monday morning.

Crash investigation crews from Union Pacific in Dallas also were on their way, Wilson said.

There was no hazardous cargo on the train, he said.

The accident was reported at about 9:45 p.m. and involved two Union Pacific trains, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety said.

A southbound train carrying ore stock struck another southbound train loaded with what Union Pacific spokeswoman Elizabeth Hutchinson said was “various commodities.”

In the process one locomotive and about 14 train cars de-railed, she said.

It was known the track was closed but there was no information on how badly it might be damaged.

“We have begun work to restore the line of track to service, which will include re-railing equipment and making track repairs,” Hutchinson said.

Troopers and work crews from Union Pacific were at the scene at 5 a.m. working to clear the damaged train cars and repair the tracks.