Woman Held On Federal Child Sexual Exploitation Charge

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WACO (July 2, 2014) A Central Texas woman was ordered held without bond Tuesday after she was formally arraigned in federal magistrate’s court on a charge of sexual exploitation of children.

Federal court documents show Clark was arrested June 26 but do not detail where she was arrested.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jaffrey C. Manske ordered Michelle Clark to remain in custody pending more court hearings after she appeared in his court on a charge that she permitted, or attempted to permit, a child, which is her child or one for whom she is legal guardian, to engage in sexually explicit conduct.

The charge continues that she knew the purpose of the conduct was to produce visual depictions of the child engaging in sexual activity and that those depictions would be shared with others on the Internet.

The age and gender of the child was not disclosed.

Manske ordered that she be held without bond and that any plea agreement in the case should be brought to the court by August 18.

He also ordered that Clark must appear for re-arraignment in U.D. District Judge Walter S. Smith’s court on August 21 and set a trial date for September 2 in Smith’s court.