Officer’s Generosity Supports Struggling Family

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WACO (July 15, 2014) Waco police Officer Kurt Morsbach didn’t know at first what he was getting into when he recently responded to a burglary call but once on the scene he knew just what to do because he’d been there before.

Morsbach was sent to a burglary at a Waco home that turned out not to be the normal burglary.

Brittany Holmes, of Robinson, had gone to her mother’s Waco home to do laundry.

She left the washer and dryer loaded and running and walked outside for a bit, only to find when she returned that all her family’s clothes were missing.

"I go out the side of the house and all of our things are gone; just everything," Holmes said Monday.

For this young, financially struggling family, these clothes were virtually everything they had and now they had nothing.

Morsbach got the call and when he got there, he says, he found himself in a very familiar situation.

"I've been a single father in the military, I know how hard it is on a good day, let alone a bad day,” the 15-year veteran police officer said.

So while not a typical call for help, this situation stuck Morsbach particularly close to home.

"The only thing I had was ramen noodles and a sofa in my apartment, that was it.

“Family and taking care of your kids, it's a very high, it's a big priority on my list," Morshbach said as he seemed to choke back emotion.

Holmes took to Facebook to reach out to her community for help, unaware that the first arm to reach out to her would be Morsbach.

"I had the opportunity at that time to pay it forward and donate some clothes to the young lady and her three children," he continued.

Morsbach brought a bag full of polo shirts for Brittany's husband so he could continue to go to work.

In addition to Morsbach's generous donation, clothes began pouring in through social media to help Holmes and her family.

The donations got to be so numerous, that the family not only has enough clothes for their children but they’ve been able to help seven additional families in need as well.

Overwhelmed with the generosity, Holmes said, "Bless you, bless you 'cause it really helped us out.

“We had nothing and now we are going to make it through the summer and it was at the cost of nothing-nothing."