Newly Appointed Police Chief Calls It Quits After 10 Days

LITTLE RIVER (July 24, 2014) Michael Lugo was on the job only 10 days after he was appointed police chief in Little River before he turned in his badge Wednesday night and left his post.

Michael Lugo (File photo)

Lugo was appointed to the job on July 14, less than a month after the man he replaced, Chief Lee Dixon was shot to death.

Little River Mayor Ronnie White said Thursday morning he had not expected Lugo’s resignation but accepted it after Lugo said he had no personal issues with the post but he was leaving.

The resignation took effect at about 9 p.m. Wednesday and now Bell County deputies will respond to calls for service in Little River, White said.

Lugo had served as the town's reserve officer for two years before his appointment to chief and also worked for several years as an officer in Bartlett.

He worked with Dixon only a short time before the deadly shooting.

Lugo started his law enforcement career after high school, and joined the Williamson County Sheriff's Office as a correctional officer where he worked in the jail for several years.

Dixon, who started on the job in May, was shot and killed early in the evening on June 19 after responding to a report of a man with a gun at a house in the area of Main and Allison Streets.

Dixon responded alone, but a short time later requested assistance.