Man Arrested After Struggle Dies; Cause Under Investigation

(May 2, 2006)—The death of a man who was arrested after a struggle Saturday with Bellmead police officers was under investigation Tuesday.

Jeremy Davis, 24, died Monday of kidney failure in a local hospital.

An autopsy was not performed, Bellmead Police Chief Robert Harold said, because the man’s mother declined it and because authorities were not immediately notified of the death.

Harold has asked the Texas Rangers to investigate the incident.

Doctors familiar with the effect of Tasers, however, told News Ten that kidney failure could not have resulted from the effects of the stun gun.

Bellmead officers responding to a report of a man running nude, found Davis acting aggressively and making statements that “he could not be stopped” Saturday afternoon in the parking lot of Bush’s Chicken at 4112 Bellmead Dr., according to a police department release.

After Davis refused to obey the officer’s commands, the release said, the officer used a Taser in an attempt to subdue the man.

“A struggle ensued and Davis was taken into custody,” the release said.

He was then taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

He was placed in intensive care where he remained until his death Monday.

Last June, Robert Earl Williams, 62, died after fighting five Waco police officers who were trying to arrest him.

The officers tried to use Tasers to subdue Williams, but the devices had no effect and they were forced to restrain him physically, police officials said.

Williams then complained of shortness of breath, lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

Officers administered CPR until paramedics arrived. Williams was later pronounced dead at Providence Health Center.

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