Smoky Grass Fire, Accident Back Up Interstate 35 Traffic

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WACO (September 4, 2014) A traffic accident just after noon Thursday in which a smoky grass fire was either ignited or was a factor slowed Interstate 35 traffic through Waco at the busy lunch hour.

It was not clear if the accident was the cause of the fire or if the smoke from the fire caused the accident, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

Waco fire units were sent just after noon to the 18th Street underpass on the Interstate after a police officer requested the fire department for a grass fire.

Swanton said a McLennan Count constable reported the accident and a Waco officer was sent there to investigate the accident.

It was the Waco officer who requested assistance from the fire department after he arrived at the scene.

Smoke was billowing from as many as six separate fire and drifting onto the Interstate, one witness told News 10.

It took firefighters only a few minutes to control the fire.

No one was reported injured in the accident.