Termites Swarm In Central Texas

(May 6, 2006)—Termites are taking aim at homes and businesses in Central Texas as the annual springtime swarm begins.

Native and Formosan termites are the culprits in Texas and it’s swarming season for Native subterranean termites in Central Texas, said Dr. Roger Gold, a Texas Cooperative Extension entomologist.

Subterranean termites cause more than $2 billion in damage a year in the U.S.

They live in nests or colonies in the soil and feed on dead trees and brush, Gold said.

They enter buildings through wood in direct contact with the ground, shelter tubes they build or directly through cracks or joints under foundations, Gold said.

Native termites swarm in the spring and Formosan termites swarm in the summer, Gold said.

If you find termites swarming in or around your home, Gold says don’t panic.

"Termites usually work slowly, so your house will generally not collapse or be ruined overnight," he said.

Steps To Take
(Source: Texas Cooperative Extension)

Take the time to learn more about termites, their biology, inspection techniques and treatment options.
Do not permit anyone to rush you into buying termite control services. Take the time you need to make an informed decision.
If you are unsure about termites being present, arrange for a thorough termite inspection with a licensed, reputable company.

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