Robber Falls While Fleeing; Uses Stolen Cell Phone To Call 911

(October 20, 2008)—A Central Texas man who used a cell phone he had just taken at gunpoint to call 911 after falling as he fled was in custody Monday, Temple police said.

Officers found the man lying on the ground at 1400 E. Avenue B.

He told them several men had attacked and robbed him around 12:50 a.m. Monday.

He was taken to Scott& White Hospital for treatment of a leg injury.

Meanwhile police received another report from a man who said a man with a gun had taken his cash, jewelry at cell phone about 20 minutes earlier at 2205 Curtis B. Elliott.

As they investigated the robbery, officers discovered that the stolen cell phone was the same phone the first man had used to call 911, and they also determined the injured man had other property belonging to the victim on Curtis B. Elliott.

They later discovered a pellet pistol near where they found the injured man lying on the ground.

They say it appears the man who was injured had approached the resident on Curtis B. Elliott, displayed the pellet gun and demanded the cash, jewelry and cell phone.

They say he suffered a knee injury when he lost his footing as he fled from the scene of the robbery.

Charges were pending late Monday morning.

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