Texas Man Recovers From Tiger Attack

(June 21, 2006)--A man attacked by an escaped Bengal tiger at a sanctuary is in good condition Wednesday at a Dallas hospital after getting about 2,000 stitches.

Officials say Don Roberts, who's a part-time employee at Zoo Dynamics, was doing yard work last weekend between two fences at an exotic animal facility in Kaufman County.

He noticed the tiger had escaped.

Roberts says the big cat pounced on him as he ran to get help.

Roberts, who's at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, suffered numerous claw marks and cuts.

He says he looks forward to getting home and back to his normal routine.

The Kaufman County Sheriff's Department says tiger escaped when power at the facility failed and the animal leaped over an electrical fence.

Officials at Zoo Dynamics are investigating.

The business provides exotic animals to zoos.

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