Texas Gasoline Prices Near All-Time High

Texas retail gasoline prices are near all-time
highs, according to a Triple-A Texas gas price survey.
The survey released today says prices of regular self-serve
gasoline are averaging two dollars 92 cents per gallon statewide.
That's up nearly two cents, marking the fifth straight week of
increases in Texas.
Nationally, regular self-serve is averaging three dollars and a
penny per gallon, also up two cents.
Auto club spokesman Rose Rougeau (roo-ZHOH') says prices are
being driven by strong summertime consumer demand, tight
inventories and ongoing Middle East violence. That's driven crude
oil prices above 70 dollars a barrel.
Rougeau says U-S demand for gas is about two percent higher than
last year, despite prices at the pump often topping three dollars
per gallon.
The cheapest gas prices are found in Corpus Christi, where they
average two dollars 83 cents per gallon. That's up seven cents from
last week. The most expensive gas in Texas is found in the
Galveston-Texas City area, where it averages two dollars 94 cents
per gallon. That's about the same as last week.
These are average per-gallon prices of regular, self-serve
gasoline in Texas metro areas and the change from last week,
according to today's Triple-A Texas Weekend Gas Watch:
Austin-San Marcos -- $2.880, up 3.2 cents
Beaumont -- $2.884, up 4.2 cents
Corpus Christi -- $2.833, up 7.1 cents
Dallas -- $2.931, up 0.3 cent
Fort Worth -- $2.926, down 0.2 cent
Galveston-Texas City -- $2.940, unchanged
Houston -- $2.936, down 0.1 cent
San Antonio -- $2.837, up 3.4 cents