Sheehan, Other Activists, To Meet With Iraqi Parliament Members

(August 2, 2006)-- Anti-war activists including a Texan who's fasting outside the White House and protester Cindy Sheehan say they've been invited to meet with Iraqi parliament members in Jordan.

The group is expected to travel to Amman Wednesday and then meet Friday and Saturday with the Iraqi officials and break their fast.

Diane Wilson is an environmental activist from Seadrift, who's planning to make the trip.

Wilson says she's gone without food since July 4 as part of the Troops Home Now hunger strike, shedding about 25 pounds from her 170-pound frame.

Wilson will be joined by seven others on the trip to Jordan, including Sheehan, whose 24-year-old soldier son died in Iraq while serving with Fort Hood’s 1st Cavalry Division.

Sheehan gained national and international prominence last August when she camped out along a roadside near the president’s Central Texas ranch.

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