American Airlines Limits Passengers On Some Jets

FORT WORTH (January 29, 2009)—A Texas-based airliner is limiting the number of passengers it will allow on some of its jets while it orders more life rafts in case of a water landing.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines says it will allow no more than 228 people on its overseas jets.

The Boeing 767-300s were redesigned by American to seat 236 passengers.

Federal Aviation Administration rules for flying over large bodies of water require enough room on life rafts for everyone on board -- plus carrying an extra raft.

The announcement comes just two weeks after a US Airways jet ditched into the Hudson River in New York

American says it never endangered passengers, who have other flotation devices -- like seat cushions.

All passengers and crew members on board survived the January 15 crash.

Delta, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines and Houston-based Continental Airlines say their planes meet FAA rules on flotation devices.

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