Foley Scandal Now Stretches Back Into 1990s

(October 5, 2006)--A former congressional page says that in 1997 he was getting sexually suggestive messages from the now former Florida Congressman Mark Foley.

Tyson Vivyan says beyond a brief greeting, he never met Foley during the nine months he spent on Capitol Hill as a page.

But about a month after leaving, he started getting instant messages from someone using a screen name now linked to Foley.

While he wasn't sure who it was, Vivyan says the person clearly knew his name and what he looked like and that person was asking questions about things like Vivyan's sexual orientation, having chats Vivyan now describes as "surreal."

The former page says he started looking up initials in a congressional guide and connected the dots to Foley.

Vivyan says he later accepted an invitation to Foley's DC home, bringing another page with him, but that nothing sexual happened.

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