Blinded By God

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There's a Central Texas 18-year-old who's already made a name for himself. He wasn't expected to live past his second birthday, but he beat the odds, and has been touching lives ever since.

Cody Leger is one of the most accomplished musicians in Central Texas.

He also spends nearly every weekend on the road preaching, delivering his message at churches across the country.

It's quite an accomplishment for a young man, and an extraordinary accomplishment for Cody. He's only 18 years old and completely blind. Born to abusive parents in Lufkin, Cody's life began very, very different than most.

Cody says, "I spent nine months in critical care. I had a broken arm, a broken leg, four fractured ribs, a double hernia, and one lunch. Doctors said that I'd be dead by the age of two."

Cody survived the odds with a little luck, and a lot of prayer, and love from his adoptive parents.

Danny Leger is Cody's dad. He says two years after Cody came into their lives, they began to see their sick young boy, grow healthy.

Danny says, "I know that God set him free of everything; the oxygen, the eighth nerve damage which he would have been totally deaf. He hears perfectly. He had only one lung. The other one they had to try to inflate it. It wouldn't take. He's been cut from front all the way to back, just cut all over and God just come through for him."

Cody learned to love music early.

"Even when I got out of the hospital and I was a total vegetable and I couldn't move on the floor I'd just look up at the ceiling and mom and dad would put headphones on me and I'd just start listening to music, the radio, I mean it was great. I enjoyed music," says Cody.

He started playing at age six.

He began preaching 5 years later. And he's been touching lives ever since.

Cody says, "I may not be able to see it with my physical eyes but seeing the emotional response and the spiritual response of people's lives getting touched and changed forever and knowing that there is hope for them."

Danny says, "I enjoy seeing the faces of the people. Especially when they've never heard him preach. They're just like, man, wow!"

There are things Cody wants desperately to see one day. He prays that will happen. But if it doesn't he's ok in the knowledge the God has blessed him in so many other ways.

Cody says, "I wanted to always look at the face of my momma and see her and especially daddy, see him. See all of my aunts and uncles. I just wanted to see the beauty. But then when I found out that there was evil in this world, I couldn't bear to look at it. And now it gets me to the point to say that I really don't care if I see now. Because when I get to heaven it'll make all the difference in the world."

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